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The Real Techniques Brushes

By Malin
THE REAL TECHNIQUES BRUSHESTHE REAL TECHNIQUES BRUSHESTHE REAL TECHNIQUES BRUSHESI've been craving the Real Techniques brushes for a long while now and last week I decided to order them from iHerb. They have been raved about in the blog-world and they seemed really good, I also have been watching a lot of videos on the YouTube-channel Pixiwoo where the creator of these brushes, Samantha Chapman - along with her sister, posts great makeup tutorials. I was in definite need of new makeup brushes, my old ones weren't that good. So I've been checking the mailbox frequently this week just waiting for my new brushes to arrive, so I could try them out with my new foundation as well. Today the package arrived and I tried them out instantly.
The brushes are first of all, so soft. I tried them all out and I found good use for each and every one. A lot of people don't like the pointed foundation brush, but I find it works great to apply concealer around the eyes because of the pointed tip. The buffing brush was so soft on the face when I applied my foundation. I felt you could really blend the foundation well and use the brush in different ways, and you also got great coverage. The contour brush will be great for applying blush and bronzer because of the shape of it, you can either use the tip or the sides. I used the detailer brush to apply concealer on red marks and when I first used the brush it picked up a lot of concealer, even though the gentle stroke. It's a small and compact brush, great for detailing. I also decided to buy the stippling brush because what the heck. I tried it on my Illamasqua cream pigment and it picked up a lot of product. I'm not used to using a brush when applying creamy products so I wasn't very gentle, that's probably why it picked up so much product. A little is enough, now I know. I will also want to try applying my foundation with this brush after I've heard it's great for lighter coverage. Overall I am very pleased with these brushes, I'm so happy I got them. I probably won't be needing to purchase makeup brushes in a while now.
Have you tried the Real Techniques brushes?

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