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The Real Life Mr. Plow

By Bluecollarworkman @TB_BlueCollar

Switching from my old job to my new one was great for making more money, but it takes up more of my time. I used to do all these side jobs to make enough money to get by, but now I don’t have the time to do that, and I make more money so I don’t need to as much (which is awesomely radical, dudes).

Except snow plowing. I bought the plow for my truck a couple years ago and each year when the snow comes down, I hit the streets!

Mr. Plow truck

Even with my new job that takes up time, I still find time to get in that truck to plow for extra money. I have to look out for people who won’t pay, but other than that, it’s not a bad time and people are pretty grateful!

And hey, the winter seems to be lasting extra long this year (stupid groundhog didn’t know what he was talking about), so I should get in some extra plowing before it’s time to unhook the ol’ plow from my truck!

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