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The Real Game Changers

By Stoffbyrd
There are at least 10,000 pick-up and seduction techniques. But still none as powerful as saying hello, grabbing her hand, and leading her out of the venue. These moments are the true game changers.
Some guys are interesting but not good at being "interested" Being interested in women is much more important than being interesting to women.
Sure, it's more obvious than ever that women are superficial. They are not shy about admitting they want the guy to have money (certain job) or to be a certain height. Be we men are just as bad. All it proves is that human beings in general are superficial and they love the feeling the other person provides them more than the other person. The answer - love yourself obviously. 
You may have the belief a really HOT woman would never get with you because they have so many options. And they could date a rich, famous, good looking guy instead. And you may be right. But if you believe for one second that these women are better than you, you fail. Because it may be unlikely you ever get a chance to date a model, but if you ever do - you better be 100% confident that you deserve it. They are NOT any better than you - even if you never get a shot. This is why you will see average guys with really hot women. They believe they deserve it.

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