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The Rainbow Awards 2015

By Jackscott

Runner upYesterday, I received an early Christmas present and very nice it was too. I awoke to the news that Turkey Street, Jack and Liam move to Bodrum was runner up for the prestigious Rainbow Book Awards 2015 (best LGBT Biography/Memoir). I’m stunned. I entered ages ago with rock bottom expectations and so the announcement has left me rather speechless (most unusual for me). All in all, not bad for a bit of camp old nonsense about a place few have heard of from an ex-pretty boy with his best years way, way behind him. The judges were generous with their praise:

One of the best non-fiction books of the year.   Delightful…brimming with atmosphere, interesting characters, and wonderful central ones.   Fast and funny… sophisticated dialog.   The characters practically leap off the page.   The language is beautiful.   Playful, witty and poignant.   Full marks. It’s that good.
I guess they liked it.

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