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The PS4 Has Destroyed The Xbox One

By M00kyst @mookyst
I'm back and will be writing just as frequently now as I was a week and a half ago! Sorry for the short break. Got a lot of shit planned including coverage of E3 so stick around beans! Also please excuse any spelling or grammar errors as I threw this article together at 4-something-AM.
Currently it is 4:10AM here in the UK and I've just finished watching day 1 of E3. And WHAT a day
it was. I'm going to cover each press conference tomorrow in another article, but I had to get this article out asap.
I don't want to go into heavy details about Microsoft and Sony's conferences as, like I mentioned, I'll do that later, but I'm going to state here how the PS4 simply destroyed the Xbox One.
The PS4 Has Destroyed The Xbox One
Microsoft didn't reveal much about the console in their conference. Instead they did what people wanted; they focused on the games. However they seemed to go to a bit of an extreme in my opinion. All their conference was, was a load of games. Some exclusives, some third party. They didn't address the issues with them blocking used games and restricting how users can use the discs they purchase and they didn't mention the 'almost always-online' issue either.
But what could they say? If that's how the console is, that's how it is, right? What were they supposed to do, come out and apologise? Say they'd decided to reinvent the console just how WE want it? No. that was never going to happen. 
Ultimately the problems with the internet requirements and used games are there to stay. Nothing ANYONE can do to change that.
Microsoft did reveal a couple of smaller features though. Like the Twitch integration that allows you to stream and share your gameplays instantly, as you game. Quite simply it is the same thing as the PS4's share option, however arguably better. Given that the Xbox One uses Twitch, while the PS4 uses Ustream, it's obvious which platform is partnered with the more popular streaming system. Xbox certainly has a slight advantage there.
However everyone was waiting for Sony's conference, which was the last one of the day. It was well past 2AM here in the UK by the time it started. Oddly it was delayed for a short while, almost 20 minutes in fact. 
There's no point mentioning any of the games that were shown in the conference as that is not the point here. I'm going to point out how the PS4 blew the Xbox One away.
So there were 3 issues people were waiting for Sony to address (if they did at all, however if they didn't it would be VERY suspect indeed). These were: the online requirement, the used games and the price. The Xbox One didn't impress anyone with how it approached the first two issues and after Microsoft revealed the price of the Xbone at the end of their conference, no one was impressed by that either. The Xbox One is set to cost a whopping £429 in the UK and $499 in the US. That's an INCREDIBLY high cost.
Sony started their conference by instantly making jibes at Microsoft; emphasising how the PS4 is ALL about the games an how it is built for gamers. 
However they simply teased us and did not reveal a single snippet of info on the the 3 issues listed above. They didn't seem to be avoiding them though, just simply biding their time and waiting.
After showcasing some brand new exclusives and other third party games and showing off some awesome looking indie games (yet again poking fun at Microsoft for their recent indie game developer controversy) Sony became more serious. 
It was time.
We all felt it.
Sony were about to do it. They were about to address the issues of pre-owned games, online connection and price.
*Deep breath everyone*
Here we go.
First up, does the PS4 require a constant internet connection OR rely on an internet connection in ANY way? The short answer: Nope.The long answer? Well, there isn't one really. Quite simply, and Sony made it perfectly clear, the PS4 does NOT require a constant internet connection or a connection at all. No 24 hour time period before you need to reconnect your broadband; the PS4 is fully functional FOREVER when offline.
This instantly makes the PS4 more accessible. Which console are people with poor or no internet going to buy now? Well, it's not going to be the Xbox One that's for sure. Not when its competitor is far better suited to their gaming needs.
The second issue. How does the PS4 handle pre-owned games? Does it block them? Can you lend friends your game? Can you sell your game or buy other people's games? The PS4 deals with used games exactly how consoles do now. Yep, you can sell your games, buy used games, lend games AS MANY TIMES AS YOU WANT; you can do whatever you wish with them. As Sony said: they're yours to keep forever if you wish. Or sell if you feel otherwise.
I don't think I even need to point out why this is a massive, killer blow to the Xbox One.
The third problem is price. So, how much does it cost? The PS3 was extremely overpriced when it was first released, which drastically damaged the sales of it until the price cut came in. It seems that the Xbox One is now in that situation, however, as while it costs an expensive £429, the PS4 is a mere £349. Yes, nearly £100 cheaper (£80 to be exact). 
OK so £349 isn't exactly dirt cheap, but it's not very pricey for a brand new next-gen console either. And the main point is that it's A LOT cheaper than the Xbone.
With no block on used games, no connection required and a much cheaper price, the PS4 has destroyed the Xbox One. Can Microsoft return from this gigantic blow? Maybe but it doesn't look promising. However there is still much to discuss. New games and features will all be discussed in my article later today (after I've rested) in which I will be looking at and reviewing the Microsoft, EA, Ubisoft and Sony conferences on a whole. So stick around for that. I just needed to get this out though because, from where I'm standing, the PS4 has just destroyed the Xbox One. Sorry Microsoft, but you had it coming.

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By remcoyoudontneedtoknow
posted on 26 November at 21:21
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Seriously? You are just saying ps4 destroyed xbox one and you didn't even play on it and you are just saying xbox one is bad and ps4 is a win? Srry but ps4 had to remove the camera only to concure xbox one so who is bad now huh?! And then something else ps4 removed the media things while xbox improved them. And the graphics on the xbox one are far better then the graphics from ps4 its over lighted! And you call that a win?!