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The Problem with Superficial Thinking, Assumptions and Fears

Posted on the 17 July 2013 by Doggone
By way of actor George Takei's facebook page; Takei as a child was interned in one of the camps for Japanese Americans during World War II.  There the assumption was that Japanese Americans were un-Americans.  Apparently for some people with guns that is also true of black people in hoodies.
The Howard University School of Medicine, making a strong point.
I believe this says all that needs to be said in support of AG Eric Holder when he made the statement that the Trayvon Martin killing was unnecessary.
Guns don't kill people; stupid, fearful people with guns who operate unsafely and with poor judgment kill people - when they should not.  This is why we should not have widespread carrying of guns except by law enforcement.  We know that the more guns in circulation, the more deaths, injuries, and intimidation that occurs with them.
The Problem with Superficial Thinking, Assumptions and Fears

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