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The Problem with Shaving

Posted on the 16 October 2018 by Steveawiggins @stawiggins

Evil may be an abstract concept, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t real.Sorry for the double negative—finding the right angle of approach is difficult sometimes.I say that because I believe that the misattribution of evil is tearing civilization apart.Science has rightfully taught us the tricks for understanding the material universe.Problem is there’s more to the universe than material.If all our minds consist of are electro-chemical signals, well, this batch swirling in my head isn’t alone in doubting itself.(Think about that.)So, here’s the problem—those on the opposite side of the political spectrum rending the United States into shreds aren’t evil.They’re doing what they believe is right, just like the lefties are.The evil comes from forces trying to tear good people on both sides apart.The simplest solution, Mr. Occam, isn’t always the best.

Putting it out on the table, right and left have some basic disagreements.By far the majority of them are sexual.Both sides believe what they’ve been taught or what they’ve learned.Sex, of course, is one of the great dividers of humankind.It brings us together and it tears us apart.Religions have always been very interested in sexuality—who does what to whom and what to make of the consequences.None of it is easy to sort out.Since the Bible voices first-century (and earlier) opinions on a matter they understood even less than we, the situation is very complex indeed.Especially since many people wrote all the self-contradictory words within its stolid black, pigskin leather covers.

The Problem with Shaving

Complexity reigns in the world of explanation for both politics and sex.Put them together and see what happens (if a Clinton, impeachment, if a Trump, nothing).The issue with Occam’s razor is that the simplest solution doesn’t always explain things best.It’s not evil to suggest woman plus man equals marriage.Unenlightened, maybe, but not evil.The truth is that things are more complicated than they seem.A society taught, in many ways, that only one solution works could easily boil it all down to one size fits all.Evil is the desire for political power that draws its energy from making each group think the other is evil.I realize this courtesy often goes in only one direction.That too is part of the evil machinations of a system that divides instead of seeks common ground.

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