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The Problem With Detroit Is . . . .

Posted on the 15 May 2016 by Adask

Pastor James Manning bears a terrible burden.  He’s trying to tell the truth to his own people and they refuse to hear.  I don’t envy the man, but I do admire him.

video      00:04:23

Here’s another video by an “angry black man”–except, contrary to what you might suspect, this black man is angry at niggers.

He talks about two “waves” of Negroes that came to Detroit.  The first wave was composed of the entrepreneurs, artisans, businessmen and, generally speaking, educated and intelligent Negroes from the South looking to work hard, earn a living and be prosperous.  The second wave of Negro immigrants entering Detroit was composed of the weak, unintelligent and violent who predated on the prosperous first wave of Negroes and eventually drove the first wave out of Detroit. Once the “good blacks” were driven out and the “niggers” took over, Detroit collapsed and started to look like a bombed out city from WWII.

The speaker counts himself as a member and/or descendant of that “first wave” and he’s angry that he’s been driven out of Detroit by the violent and murderous “niggers” of the second wave.

He illustrates the dichotomy that exists within the Negro community.  It’s politically incorrect to say so, but it’s still true that there’s a kind of war going on between the “Blacks” (a culture very similar to the White culture) and the “NIggers” (another culture that is vehemently opposed to the White and Black cultures).

I don’t agree with everything this black man says.  It’s apparent that he’s not fond of Whites or Christianity.  But it’s also apparent that he’s caught, frustrated and frightened by the “Niggers” of his own race.  He clearly does not know how to deal with a world whose problems can’t be blamed on “Whitey” but must be predominantly blamed on “Niggers”.  He wants to be a “brother,” but he’s too well-educated to be accepted by the “Niggers”.

It’s a long video (49 minutes).  You’ll probably become bored or offended by the video (the speaker is at least sympathetic to black Muslims) before you listen to the whole thing.  But if you listen to first 10 or 15 minutes you’ll hear the speaker trying to sound reasonable and rational.  If you then jump forward to the 30 minute mark (where the speaker has lost it and is angry and emotional), you’ll get a sense of terrible adversity that exists between Blacks and “Niggers”–but which almost no one talks about.

Lots of Whites are afraid of “Niggers”.  But the truth is that Blacks have far more to fear from “Niggers” than Whites. And yet, most Blacks are afraid to call a spade a spade or a “Nigger” a “Nigger for fear of diminishing “racial unity”.  As a result,members of the Black culture will continue to be predated upon and destroyed by members of the “NIgger” culture until the Blacks stand up and start to put the Niggers back under control.

If Blacks won’t control their Niggers, why should Whites?

video    00:50:52

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