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The Price of Inconvenience

Posted on the 31 January 2012 by Ronnienolan @RonnieNolan

*Hint: It’s just Rp 3,500 = US$ 0.39

Do you intend to travel around Jakarta but cannot afford a private drive? Or you would like to do more for the shrubs and trees.

Now you can with TransJakarta,  Jakarta’s most ecologically-friendly travel option.

For just Rp 3,500 you can now travel throughout the city.

If that still doesn’t satisfy you, have no fear. We still have plenty more to offer.

We at Transjakarta believe in efficiency. From the moment you enter our terminal, you would be greeted by our state-of-the art ticketing system.

The Price of Inconvenience

Efficient use of space is evident even on the waiting lines.

If you realize the sore lacking of maps throughout our terminals and high-speed buses, worry not! As part of our believe in efficiency, we are committed to conservation of paper. As such, we strive to ensure that as little maps are available to you as possible.

Think that waiting for a taxi is tiring ? Give yourself a challenge and try us!

At TransJakarta, we are committed to providing you with our high -speed bus service at a rate of 1 every 30 minutes to the terminals near you. That’s right! 1 every 30 minutes. If you don’t think that’s enough of a challenge, wait till you see the buses we have in store.

The Price of Inconvenience

Plenty of space for everyone!

Missed the last two buses in front of your eyes?

The Price of Inconvenience

Outrageous, the door was closed despite there being space for a dozen more.

Don’t agitate yourself, the next one should be around in about 30 minutes. But hey, what’s 30 minutes when you’ve spend an hour, right?

At TransJakarta, we believe in allowing our passengers time to bond in their travels. To fulfill that believe, we have worked hard to ensure that there are enough buses to fulfill our passengers’ need for skinship.

The Price of Inconvenience

Did you smell that greatness?

Convinced yet? Wait no longer and take our high-speed bus service from the terminals near you!

The Price of Inconvenience

Because We Just Love to **** With You!

This Message Is (not) Endorsed by TransJakarta Busway.

The Price of Inconvenience

Translation: Tired of Driving? Just Take TransJakarta


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