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The Power of ShootQ

By Scarlettandstephen

The power of ShootQ

Running your own business is a journey and quite the experience. One of the biggest pieces, actually the largest piece of running a business as a photographer is making sure your clients taken well care of. The insides of this subject include but not limited to… Workflows, contracts, payments, questionnaires, tasks, emails, remembering important details to the bride to make her wedding day perfect.

I’ll admit as many will with me, when I first started my business I was one of those photographers who did everrrryyythinggg on paper. Things got lost, I had to meet clients in person to sign a contract, I only accepted checks, questionnaires and emails were getting lost too quickly.. I had no workflow that was saving me time.. Actually, I had no such thing as a workflow or even a way to check off tasks. Ugh.. It was too much work to handle… then… I found ShootQ.

The more I started to get in depth with the portal, I soon realized how ShootQ replaced everything I was doing on paper, things became digitized and everything was a piece of a workflow that saved me time & energy. Finally!

In now the few years that we’ve used ShootQ separately in our business’ and now together as Scarlett & Stephen, we couldn’t be more thankful for what joy it has brought our business & lives. Saved time, happy clients and a fast running office. We’d never trade these three things back for paper. EVER!

Do you currently use ShootQ? If not, here is a short explanation of if.. Do you want your own Studio Manager? Someone to take care of your clients, manage payments, make sure everything a client should receive on time.. ShootQ is your answer. It’s an amazing web based portal that you login through your browser on your desktop or mobile device (yes, there is even an app for that too). Once you login, you’re given access to everything in your business through the dashboard… From this point , you can view the latest payments, if that contract you’ve been waiting on was signed, pre-shoot questionnaires, what tasks you need to complete for the day.. Its so easy & seamless.

Want to even see how awesome it’ll be once you get into ShootQ? Check out this short tour of ShootQ:

So.. should you invest into ShootQ? Absolutely… You will never regret the decision…

The power of ShootQ

We connected with our friends at ShootQ and they’ve decided to give one lucky reader of our blog.. 6 months of free ShootQ!!!

How do I win??


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If someone wanted to win, an example would be “The one annoying part of my business I need to shoot away is paper contracts!”

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4. From there, on Tuesday morning at 10pm, we’ll do a random selection of the blog entries to choose the winner!! Winner will be announced Tuesday on the blog!!


The power of ShootQ

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