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The Power of Proper and Applied, Visualization!

By Psychicillumination @psychicdad

I would like to share with the group my experience from applying the visualization techniques I learned from James last Sunday and what they did for me this past week. 

I have always believed that visualization is a powerful tool to make things happen. Especially when it is in line with my intuition and the Universe. Yet, the visualization meetup class came at the right time to help me fine tune my visualization. This past summer the Universe revealed to me a move to the beaches as well as starting a business in massage would take place. It didn’t take me long to jump at it. I was ready for a change. Yet, steps had to be taken to make it happen. I moved, set up my business and waited…but legalities were moving slowly.

My business was inspected by the state yet, I had to wait 2 weeks to receive my license when they told me it would be a matter of 2-3 days. (Imagine the lessons I was learning during that time!!) After I received it, I went to the city to apply for the occupancy license. My business had to be inspected by a Fire Marshall before the permit could be issued. The office told me he would call me the next day. The next day was Friday…he did not call. He did not call on Monday or Tuesday, either. I went in to the office to ask. I was told he would call. I was very concerned about the timing. I needed to start making money. I had bills to pay and my faithful clients were calling. I was tempted to massage but decided not to in case I was found out without the permit.

I continued to visualize. I believed…the permit was there to be approved, the clients will be coming, the money will be flowing. I believed it!!That was key. I just kept visualizing it, meditating upon it and preparing myself for the business to open by getting exercise, nourishment, and rest

On Wednesday, I walked into the city office. Without going into the details of their excuses, they issued me the occupancy license! I posted the ads and have seen 19 clients during the last few days!! Am I tired?Yes!! Happily tired!! I continue to visualize and meditate and I ENCOURAGE you to learn this as well.

James is very insightful and well experienced in this field and he will guide you through it. I’m so grateful for his wisdom!!  I’m thank the Universe that he is in Jacksonville!! Yes, it does take a little Discipline and Faith but those are good virtues to learn.  Because the results are AMAZING and well worth the little time needed to do them.

I encourage you to make it a priority to come to the meetups. If you signed up, then please come with an opened mind. I know you want to learn. Hope to see you soon!! Namaste!!!

Cynthia - Council of Solace Leader


I want to thank Cynthia for applying what I taught her to help herself. She will no doubt bless many others with her business. I also want to thank her for taking time when she is exhausted, to write this testimonial.

I am a flawed human being struggling through the challenges of life, just like you. Yet I have learned a great deal about mystical and psychic principles over many lifetimes. Let me help you relearn what you already know and let’s apply these principles, together.


You can find my Jacksonville Meetup group here.

“Whatsoever thou resolvest to do, do it quickly. Defer not till the evening what the morning may accomplish.” - Unto Thee I Grant

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