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This Post is Aimed at Men and Devoted to the Love of My l...

By Psychicillumination @psychicdad

This post is aimed at men and devoted to the love of my life, +Valerie Renee . ♥ ♥ ♥ These thoughts have been rolling around in my head for a few days, but were brought to the forefront again by a discussion with a client today.

I have been on a steep learning curve the past two weeks. After six months of not having my sweetheart in my life, we are together again, and it is wonderful. It is very, very different from previous reconciliations because we have both learned so much during this painful break.

Was I right about some of my positions? Yes, but that is not what this post is about. It’s about what I have learned as a man and where I was wrong.

First, we live in a culture that is hostile to the happy, successful unions of men and women. There is no money to be made when couples are happy. Divorce Attorneys make more money from divorce then restaurants do from romantic dinners and hotels do from weekend getaways.

I make my living as a psychic. Most of my clients are women trying to understand their man. I can help them. But here are some things men need to know about women:

No matter how much the propagandists insist that there is no difference between men and women, modern science and technology developments prove every day how different we really are. Women are not smaller, weaker, smoother skinned men. And thank God they are not! Because they possess all of the magnificent qualities that we men don’t!

When a women really loves you, one harsh word, one thoughtless sentence, can ruin her whole day. It can crush her spirit. You need to be gentle. Be forgiving. Be respectful of her softer nature. She is not your male buddy to be competed with, even in a friendly way. She is not an employee or employer. She is not a man with boobs. Her whole emotional nature is different from yours. The more in love with you she is, the more easily she can be hurt by you.

Even in our modern society where women have been brainwashed to believe they should be completely independent and not need a man; they still desire your love, your strength, your support, your affection and your devotion. She needs your calm strength, your problem solving capabilities and many times, your emotional and physical protection. She needs you to be her hero. Yes, you read that right…and I am positive you can rise to the occasion.

One thing we have definitely forgotten in modern society is thathusbands and wives CAN and SHOULD BE best friends as well as lovers. Never do anything to make her feel purposely threatened or insecure. And if you hurt by her accident, correct it as soon as you possibly can.

Again, she is not a smaller man and you are not in competition.

No one should come before your wife, no one. The only people who should come close in your circle of emotional closeness are your children.

By adopting this attitude you are not turning yourself into a doormat; you are becoming the rock she needs and will thrive with.

You will be rewarded with all the love, kisses, hugs and affection you could possible want if you can support her in this way.

Please forgive this rough draft, but I need to meditate and have a psychic customers waiting. I just wanted to get this out. I hope it helps some other men avoid my mistakes.

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