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The Plot Thickens at The Verona

By Urbanbushwoman @urbanbushwoman9

Well it looks like the County Government isn’t taking this apartment business lying down. They’re getting up. Tom Carbo, Director of the Howard County Department of Housing and Community Development, Marsha McLaughlin, Director of Planning and Zoning, and the Honorable (and apparently “Dreamy“) Dr. Calvin Ball, Councilman representing District 2, are presenting a community discussion and walking tour of Oakland Mills on Sunday, November 17th. In a lengthy letter mailed to the residents of Oakland Mills, the Government laid out their side of the story and offered constituents a chance to see things for themselves and ask questions if need be. You can walk or take the bus tour of OM and review the improvements that have been made. They will discuss the future of OM at this event too.

Thumbs up from me on this approach. This is what you call TRANSPARENCY people. Ask us what you want. See for yourself.  Tell us what you think. Brilliant! I am a big advocate for questioning the hell out of the government. Not because I think they are always up to something but because that “for the people, by the people” thing is true.  We have the right to do so and it’s one of the most wonderful things about living in the United States.  I don’t know how much including the OM Association did in the beginning of this but I sure hope they can get on board and work cooperatively to embrace this new property owner.

Read the letter here. Feel free to share within your Howard County networks.

Oakland Mills mail 11 6 13

Ok. I’m done with Oakland Mills for now. Gotta get on my professional grind. Peace and thanks for reading.

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