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The Pinata, the Perfect Children’s and Adults Party Fun

By Partyoptions

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The party Pinata is still little seen at children’s parties here in the UK at the moment but it is gaining in popularity all the time as there are more and more features on the telly and in the newspapers and there is now even a Nintendo DS and Wii game.
The very early origins of the pinata are believed to have come form Mexico and would have had seven points and shaped like a star, nowadays all manner of shapes are used including many children’s television characters.
Most pinatas are made from cardboard and either shaped into a well known design or character or just a fun shape such as a castle, treasure chest or a pirate ship, a classic pinata shape is the brightly colour donkey shape.
The idea of the pinata as a party game is to open up the pinata and spill out the contents which will include sweets, chocolates, toys, stickers and all sorts of party goodies, in fact anything that you can think off that fits inside and won`t be broken when bashed, which can be taken home for the party in the party goody loot bags
There are two types of pinata one you have to bash open using a pinata stick and the other has coloured ribbons attached and by only selecting and pulling the correct ribbon will it open the door to release the sweets and goodies.
To add extra excitement pinata blindfolds can be used and don`t think it will all be over in a few second because it take some serious whacks of the pinata stick to break open the pinata.
A good idea for children’s parties who have a mix of both young and old children is to buy the pull string pinata and let the younger children pull the strings and get there party treats out and then refill and reseal the hole and let the older party children bash the pinata open.
Top Tip for the younger children is to get them to each hold on to a ribbon and all pull together as this makes sure there are no tears as to who’s ribbon opens the box.
But don`t just limit the fun to children’s parties as much fun can be had at adult parties and BBQ’s especially when you use the blindfold and spin the person around first.
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By Cynthia Duarte
posted on 02 May at 04:34

There are even some with bouncy balls as decorations on it. But be warned small kids will cry if they don't get one