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Top Ten Reasons to Choose Artificial For Your Wedding Flowers

By Partyoptions

1. Far gone are the days when artificial flowers were unthinkable for a wedding but with state of the art manufacturing techniques, artificial flowers can now be made to look stunningly life like.

2. For most people being able to keep your wedding flowers  in the same condition as on the day you were married, is a dream come true.
The flowers from Sarah’s Wedding Flowers can be kept for many years to come looking as good as the real thing.

3. Using an online wedding specialist can save the busy bride valuable time when choosing her flowers, with the benefit of being able to e-mail pictures of the designs to friends and family.

4. Using a silk wedding flower specialist who covers the whole of the UK, means you are not just limited to choosing a florist in your area, and the cost saving can be huge as well, excellent for your budget.

5. Flowers can be ordered/received weeks or even months in advance making sure you have the wedding flowers you have always dreamt off long before the wedding.

6. A big benefit of using an artificial flower specialist such as ourselves is the very large number of flowers we have on the website to show you, with each product having multiply pictures to look. You can also buy sample flowers to make sure you get the perfect color match and can even mix and match any of the product together to create a bespoke bouquet.

7. Now more than ever people are suffering allergies from fresh flowers, using silk and artificial flowers solves this problem so no sneezing brides, grooms or bridesmaids.

8. Weddings aboard are on the increase with more and more people choosing to get married on far away sunny beaches, our flowers are very robust, well made and travel extremely well, you can pack them in your hand luggage or suitcase  and take your perfect wedding flowers with you.

9. Problems with seasonal availability do not exist with artificial flowers as they are available all year, and with a good company holding large amounts in stock, there is no compromise to be made.

10. Flowers getting damaged on your wedding day is every brides nightmare, and if you are getting married in the summer most fresh flowers will fail to last the day and wilt in the heat, with artificial flowers this is one more problem that can be avoided.

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