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The Pickiest Eater

By Twotimesthefun @slcs48n1
When we adopted Oreo, people said, "You'll never clean your floor again."  It was one of the benefits everyone mentioned.  Dogs are supposed to eat anything that falls on the floor.
Oreo is a picky eater.  He will see something on the floor, sniff it, lick it and walk away.  The only exception is when we're eating dinner.  He cruises the blond twin's space two or three times a meal.  He knows he'll find a few crumbs underneath her chair.  She'll eat all her vegetables, but somehow manages to wind up with everything he likes on the floor around her.  It's not on purpose because she creates the same debris field wherever she eats.
He doesn't like so many things it is easier to talk about what he does like.  I used to wait to see if he'd eat it, like it was a science experiment, but no more.  It has gotten to a point that when I drop something, I just pick up the item.  I know the outcome, so why wait?

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