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The Perks Of Using Steel Joists In Constructions

By Alexapoblete
A joist is a horizontal structure that is used to support the floors and ceilings of a foundation. It runs between the walls, foundations and beams. Steel floor joistsare produced using high-quality steel which is durable and strong. Joists made from steel have become increasingly popular as construction materials. Besides their durability, their are a number of benefits behind using steel floor joists:The Perks Of Using Steel Joists In Constructions
  • Steel joists can support a great amount of load than concrete or wooden ones, because they can work in tension as well as compression. Being a sturdy metal, steel can withstand gravity loading and uplift.
  • The cost of steel joists is comparatively lower than that of the wooden joists. Thus, using steel joists in construction is highly economical.
  • Not only joists, but erecting any structure made from steel is easier and faster when juxtaposed with the time and labor needed to lay concrete. Construction with steel also doesn't require custom fitting structures and reinforcement rods to be installed at the site.
  • Although it was previously accepted by common consent that concrete joists can withstand fires better than steel joists, various evidences have suggested that steel joists built along with fire-resistant panels on the ceiling will provide effective resistance against fire. 
    The Perks Of Using Steel Joists In Constructions
  • The flexibility of design in steel joists is infinite because each steel joist is made according to the specifications of the customer. The different necessary measures of spans, depth and capacity to carry load can be stated and then be manufactured in the factory itself, thus saving the on-site labor costs. Long spans with flexible designs can also be made using steel joists, which is an aspect of advanced modern constructions. Using a large number of columns for support in constructions with concrete usually limits the ability of an architect to remodel the partitions and walls.
  • Concrete structures on subjection to extreme humidity and moisture may get cracked and even collapse, which can be extremely dangerous for the people inhabiting the structure. But steel joists, even on being exposed to unfavourable weather conditions, do not suffer corrosion and can be highly durable within an enclosed construction.
  • Steel joists do not require any chemical treatment to prevent growth of fungus because steel is characteristically mildew resistant. The chemical used to treat wooden joists often hamper the indoor air quality of homes. But using steel joists eliminates this possibility.

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