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The Pensieve #5

Posted on the 06 February 2013 by Limette @Limette9
The Pensieve #5Do you ever think "What the f*ck am I doing?"?
~ This blog is a movie blog, and movies are a big interest of mine, and that's why I created this blog. Nevertheless, it's the 6th of february already, and I've only seen two movies this month. It's just really hard to either: - stop watching Doctor Who - stop reading Anna Karenina - find time for anything beside my social life, school and my jobPLUS I find it really hard to take the time to concentrate on a movie right now. Perhaps the Kubrick obsession and the Oscar obsession took all power from me, also because there were a lot of mediocre and tiring movies connected with these.
The Pensieve #5Aha, I'm still obsessed with the Rocky Horror Picture Show.
~ Tumblr is pretty cool... I mean, I could look at this gif forever. In case you noticed, I changed the sidebar a little and added a link of my own brandnew tumblr. Yeah, I used to think that was the last thing I'd ever do.
~ Same for blogathons, but in case you noticed too, I started one myself. To read more, click on the picture in the sidebar or on this link. And please, please, please join. 
The Pensieve #5
~ Only one more week until The Perks of Being a Wallflower is out on DVD! Getting ready for the big night, listening to Heroes
~ Apropos; HOW COULD HE? I'm talking about Bowie of course. And his crappy, wannabe-profound, stupid new song about Berlin.
With that, I give the word to my fellow bloggers (sadly I deleted some of the posts I read, so there aren't many here):
Liam Underwood shares Five long takes in movies - a technique that can either be awesome (Hunger) or boring (Amour).
Veracious talks about the 2012 Bollywood movies she watched in January.
I read a lot of other great posts, but as I said, can't find them again :(
The Pensieve #5

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