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The Pen is Mightier Than the Needle

By Ashleylister @ashleylister
The pen is mightier than time
The pen is mightier than distanceThe pen is mightier than conflict The pen is mightier than absenceThe pen is mightier than memoryThe pen is mightier than divisionThe pen is mightier than addictionThe pen is mightier than the needle
Time passes and minds change.  People move on and create new lives, new mistakes and new successes.  I doubt any of us could honestly say that we're the same person we were ten years ago.
Twenty years ago I met a friend at school, we began writing together, formed a band, started gigs.  Nineteen years ago we both got addicted to Heroin (hey, it was the grunge era, give a guy a break)
Almost ten years ago I finally kicked.  In between there were many years of very close shaves with mortality, a few bodies left behind (their own fault, not mine), a few times we woke up in hospital after overdosing, homelessness, jail cells, friends ripping off friends blah blah blah read Trainspotting or The Basketball Diaries for the rest.
We've both come a long way since.  We'd fallen out of touch countless times as one of us cleaned up without the other.  We've had falling outs over methods of abstinence and the cult overtones of Narcotics Anonymous (he was a member, I think they're a pseudo-christian cult that preys on the weak)  I chose English and education.  He relapsed.  I haven't once.  (I win)
It's funny though that no matter what we've been through and the fact that our life paths have kept us apart, those two shit-stupid fifteen year old boys remain, loved-up on writing.  We may drift for a few years with no contact but ultimately the pen has kept us in touch.  (Well, Facebook may have helped a little)
We have always stayed writing and I have never met anyone with whom I have the automatic connection musically that I have with him.  
Regardless, I've recently found out that he's had another relapse and has been living alone, unemployed with no friends on a methadone script for the past two years.  I think he needs to move to Blackpool and I am formulating my plans to get him to do so.  Obviously my parents think this is a terrible idea but the pen is mightier than the needle and the pen is where my life is these days. 
Writing got me off the gear and through university.  It got me a job, friends, an identity and a life.  I think the guy that wrote the lyrics below deserves the same. 
Timetakes us for a rideInto an unknown skyA new horizon
SailThe ocean I inhaleBlown backwards through the galeLike days passing by
SmileIf I lose it for a whileIf I'm blinded by denialWill I fall right through the lines?
Like onceUpon a story left untoldI'll just let it all unfold And close my eyes
Cos when I look sometimesI see too muchAnd when I feel sometimes I might be losing touchAnd when I hurt sometimes...
There's an eye inside a storm A place I know that I belongSometimes it's hard to know what's going onInside my mindInside the moment I can flyAnd when you're with me I can't hideI feel you in my mindWhen I close my eyes
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