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The Palais Galliéra and the Papal Nuncio

By Sedulia @Sedulia

Yesterday was such a beautiful day. I was in the sixteenth and took this photo of the Palais Galliéra, a fashion museum that is currently closed. It usually does only temporary exhibits, but it has a great little gift store. If you look carefully, under the farthest right giant photo are three workmen in bright blue having their lunch in the sunshine. In France, blue-collar workers really do wear blue collars.

Across the street from the museum is this hôtel particulier with the Vatican's flag flying from it. 


It is the residence of the Papal Nuncio, the Pope's ambassador to France.

That reminds me of a famous story told me by a British neighbor. Supposedly it's a true story from the hard-drinking 1960s, but the details change slightly according to the teller.

A British diplomat, much the worse for champagne, made his way across the crowded cocktail hour to a vision in a scarlet gown and said, "Beautiful lady in red, will you give me this waltz?"

"Certainly not," replied the vision. "In the first place, you are drunk. In the second place, that is not a waltz but the Peruvian national anthem. In the third place, I am the papal nuncio."

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