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the One with the Homemade Valentines.

By Agadd @ashleegadd

Homemade Valentines | Where My Heart Resides-1

I swear I’m not a Valentine’s Day freak.

Valentine’s Day to me is usually just an excuse to eat a ridiculous amount of candy hearts and force Brett to write something nice in a card. Romantic, huh?

I guess motherhood has made my heart soft because this year I couldn’t wait to make valentines. If there’s anything more awkward than sending valentines as a grown woman, it’s probably sending valentines from your 8 month old son. Whatever. I was in the mood for a art project, so this is what we came up with. Let’s roll with it.

I bought this blank card set from Target, ordered some Prinstagram miniprints, and voila!

Two hours later, we had a whole stack of valentines to send to Everett’s girlfriends. For those of you keeping track, he’s up to 19 and counting. Whoa.

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