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The One Where Sookie Seeks The Truth, While Eric Visits Vamp Camp

Posted on the 17 July 2013 by Eric And Sookie Lovers @EricSookieLover

This week on True Blood, we learned how to “F*ck The Pain Away”. This is what happened during the 5th episode of season 6…

WARNING: If you don’t want to know – don’t read below!


Just when you thought you knew everything in Bon Temps, things aren’t always how they seem to be at first, and there are still many things which leave you going, WTF? It’s time to share my thoughts on this episode…

Let’s get the boring stuff out of the way with first.


Do I look constipated to you?

That Don’t Impress Me Much

Alcide. YAWN. Who fucking cares? I don’t care about Alcide’s father issues, even though I have to side with his father on the fact he called Alcide out on using his search for Sam and Emma as a way to impress his bitch, Rikki. Alcide seems to really think he’s more important now since he’s become pack master wannabe.

Terry meets with Justin, one of his former Marines. He wants him to kill him, because he can’t live with the pain and guilt his suffers. Arlene would much rather Terry ignore it and cover it up, but he can’t do it. Justin agrees to kill him for free. What a great friend…

Andy is horrified to find his dead fairy daughters at Bill’s. Good news for him, is one is still alive. Whew! He feeds her vampire blood to heal her. Holly comforts Andy, but he wants revenge. His one surviving daughter told him Jessica killed them and Bill was taking their blood for some kind of experiment. Holly tells Andy if he goes after Bill, his one daughter would end up all alone. Poor Andy! My heart really breaks for him. I bet he wishes he had named his daughters now.

Sam apologizes to Nicole. He was drunk. Nicole doesn’t blame him, and now understands why Sam keeps the fact he’s a shifter a secret. Nicole tries to call her parents. Sam thinks it’s better if they think she’s dead. However, things don’t look too good for them since Alcide’s father spotted them from across the hotel parking lot.


This is brought to you by the letters W.T.F.

Sarah tries to convince the Governor that sending Willa to Vamp Camp is the best thing. Here’s where it’s shocking…they are SLEEPING together and she wants to have his baby? I’m not sure if I want to puke or just…PUKE. Something tells me that little Miss-Upstanding-Vampire-Hating Sarah is going to be bigger trouble than meets the eye. The Governor rejects her (thank God), so she goes to see Jason, wearing a black negligee, and she eventually convinces Jason to have sex with her.

Things go from bad to worse for Jason – when Jessica knocks on his door, crying about how she killed the fairy girls and feels so guilty about it. She wonders if Bill is the devil and whether or not Jason really loved her at all. Sarah hears and picks a fight with Jessica and then in another WTF moment, rescinds Jessica’s invitation to Jason’s house. How in the hell can she do that? It’s not HER house. WTF? Once outside, Jessica is taken away by the LAVTF because Sarah called them.

All of this (of course), convinces Jason that vampires really aren’t so bad after all. He ends up going to a recruitment office for the LAVTF.

A bromance I can get behind because they both can't compete with Eric...

A bromance I can get behind because they both can’t compete with Eric…

Bad, Bad Bromance

Benlow tells Sookie he was loves her and she’s his destiny. Sookie doesn’t really believe him. Why did he kill her parents? He reveals he killed Sookie’s parents in order to save her life. They were going to kill her. She doesn’t believe him. Vampires only want to fuck her and use her blood.

She zaps him, but Bill senses it and shows up ordering Warlow to come with him. I guess since Bill drank Lillith’s blood, he can command Warlow “as his maker” now. Bill needs Warlow to help save the vampire race. Bill takes his blood while Warlow is under orders not to kill him.

In flashbacks, Warlow remembers how Lillith turned him and then going back to his fairy tribe some years later. In a fit of bloodlust, Warlow killed all of his tribe – except for Niall, who was told by his mother to go hide in a tent. In revenge, Warlow killed Lillith for making him a vampire, which is something he hates. Hmmm…where have I heard this before? I guess Bill and Warlow have more in common than we thought? Warlow wishes the vampire race extinction and refuses to help, and Lillith should’ve remained dead.

I’ve read speculation that Niall and Warlow are actually fairy brothers, but I don’t think that’s possible. In the last flashback, Niall’s mother was someone else, who told him to stay in the tent. While Warlow’s mother was standing right next to Warlow’s father.

Meanwhile…our favorite couple are going through some very tough times as well…


Worst Father of the Year

After Sookie finds out from Warlow her parents were actually going to kill her and that Warlow was only trying to save her, she goes to see Lafayette. She doesn’t know why, but she actually believed Warlow when he told her he loved her. Lafayette thinks she just sees the good in everybody. Sookie tells him she needs to find out the truth. She asks Lafayette to contact her dead parents.

Her father, Corbett shows up and she touches Lafayette’s arm to see a flashback to when Warlow came to visit her parents when she was a child. Warlow was planning on turning Sookie into a vampire, so he can always protect her and Sookie will live forever. Corbett puts a young Sookie into the back of the station wagon and Sookie realizes her parents were planning on killing her. Corbett thinks Sookie is falling for Warlow hook, line and sinker. But Sookie objects. She’s smarter than that and her father doesn’t really know her. Corbett tells her he loves her. He is only trying to save her from becoming a vampire. Realizing, he’s not getting through, he enters Lafayette’s body and ties her up, puts her in the trunk of the car, and takes her to a lake to attempt to drown her.


I don’t get how Sookie can believe Warlow when he tells her he loves her. Have they spent any time together? No. Have they gotten to know each other? No. WTF Sookie? I don’t think it’s because she likes to see the good in people either…I just think she’s on the rebound, and is looking for answers. But I have to admit, Warlow does make it sound convincing and I think Warlow isn’t bad looking either. But that’s JMHO…we’ll have to wait and see. I would still prefer Sookie with Eric.


What happens at Vamp Camp…stays at Vamp Camp

Tara tells Eric the LAVTF took Pam. So, Eric makes it easy for them to capture him to get inside the vamp camp to find her. Once there, they are split up. Eric is put into a white room, where they begin some fight for survival. Hmmm…where have I seen this before? Oh yeah, it reminds me of The Hunger Games, where only the strong and smartest survive. Eric must have proven his skills because they put a number one on his vamp camp blues.

Meanwhile, elsewhere in Vamp Camp, Pam has gone into therapy. Which is hilarious in a way too. Of course, she has tosses a few zingers during her session, but I could tell she was trying to pull a fast one when she talked about Eric releasing her as her maker. I definitely believed her when she told him how much it hurt though. Can someone please tell me why Eric released her in the first place?


Jessica finds Tara in Vamp Camp. Jessica tells her what she did and Tara comforts her. When Jessica refuses some blood which they were given for food…another vampire wonders what gives? Tara stands up for Jessica and the vampire wanders away…I have a feeling this is going to spell trouble for Jessica and Tara at Vamp Camp later on…

Tara spots Willa as she’s being taken down the hall. One of the guards tells Tara that Willa is V.I.P., and is put into solitary confinement. The guard escorting her, comes on to her, and when Willa objects by mentioning the Governor, he tells her since he’s the one who put her there…it won’t do much good now.

Sarah has a surprise for the Governor who has made an appearance at Vamp Camp. They bring Eric in. He and the Governor exchange a few “fuck yous” and then the Governor reveals he has brought Willa to Vamp Camp too. Eric can’t believe the Governor would do that to his own daughter. What did Eric expect? The Governor won’t abandon his principles or change his mind just because Willa is his daughter.



Eric wants him to give him something to kill…and Pam enters the room. Pam has to prove how little Eric means to her. Eric and Pam stare at each other with pain on their faces and horror in my heart. Meanwhile, Sarah, The Governor, the therapist and Steve Newlin look on…


I can’t tell you how much I’m screaming NOOOOOO right now. Eric and Pam have to fight each other to the death? Please God, no! I hope Eric and Pam are able to come up with a plan to get themselves out of this situation, and since they’ve spent so much time together in the past, communication between the two of them shouldn’t be too difficult, right…RIGHT?


All in all…other than more than a few WTF moments…I enjoyed this episode immensely and the cliffhanger left us dangling very dangerously too. I guess I could say, “Blue is the new orange.” as well. Although, I do have to complain about how little we saw Eric during this episode, which is par for the course I suppose…

Looking forward to next week’s episode and keeping my fingers crossed – Eric, Sookie and Pam get out of this alive!

What are your thoughts? Do you agree or disagree with my thoughts? Please feel free to share yours below.

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