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The One Way Street

By Ashleylister @ashleylister
Sometimes you spend a lot of time doing thing for other people that never seems to be reciprocated.  This happens a lot.  I finally wrote a poem about it:-
This is a one way streetTraffic overflowing, outgoing, never slowing.This is a one way streetCars collect, select and vacate with great effect.This is a one way streetLorries thieving, retrieving, leaving us grieving.
This is a free cash machineUse it to accrue, select and take what you withdrew.
This is a paper clad milkshake strawEnabling greed to exceed while you fill your need to feed.
This is the yellowed, entwining catheterGuzzling acrid waste, its taste never chaste.
This is the pulsing leechDrawing blood where it could with its low throbbing thud.
This is our friendshipThe one way streetThe free cash machineThe paper clad milkshake strawThe yellowed entwining catheterThe pulsing leech.
Here is the nothingness of that which shall never change.

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