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The One That Got Away

By Nicelise
The One That Got AwayWe meet new people all of the time when we're out. Some may turn into friends, some may turn into more than friends and some we may never see again.
But what if you meet someone that could be a friend or more than friend, but you have the feeling that you may never see them again? That one that got away.
Although we meet new people all of the time, it's rare that you come across someone you feel an instant spark and connection with. So when life or distance comes between the two of you before you can explore if there's more there, you're left asking yourself "what if?"
What if we went out on a date? What if he is as awesome as he first seemed? What if we could be together? What if we could be perfect together?
Now, as much as many of us females don't like to admit it, we do think these things and get ahead of ourselves sometimes. But when you meet someone that you hit it off with and realize that you may never see each other again, you think these things.
The One That Got AwayBut how strongly do the what if's have to get before you explore the possibility? If you can at least temporarily put aside the constraints that ignited all of your wondering of what could be, go for it.
It can't hurt to explore if there is really anything there. If there isn't anything between you two other than a friendship, well then you've accomplished two things: you've made a friend and you've gotten the answer to all of your questions.
If you do find you were right and there is something more between the two of you, then you know you can trust your instincts and you've validated all of that wondering and what if's.
That may create more questions for you, but at least you know you were initially right about what you felt between yourself and the other person. And all you need to remember when the questions creep up is what's meant to be will be.
xoxo Nickie

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