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The One Strike Rule: Discipline for Older Kids

By Therealsupermum @TheRealSupermum

The One Strike Rule: Discipline for older kids


When the naughty step  just does not work for you or when you have older children I use the One Strike Rule technique which does  work. The one strike rule can stop bad behavouir and does not give your child the attention that the naughty step does. For older children I find this method of discipline works best.

Word of warning – do not rush into this technique, if you have no discipline already in place.

By using the One Strike Rule your child will see this as you ignoring them. They will  play up all the more to get your attention, be prepared.


What is the One Strike Rule?

No warning is given

When a child breaks rules/boundaries you remove them from the room

Older children can be asked to leave the room and to return when they can apologise and behave

If they return to the room or refuse to leave then you remove them – giving them no attention whatsoever – avoid talking/eye contact

The tone of voice must change to a low boss like voice

Keep this up until you get the desired result you are aiming for – an apology

Once apologised, praise your child for saying sorry and allow them to join back in with what is happening


Bear in mind your child will NOT appreciate this new technique and WILL protest.


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