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The One 2s: Ep 2

By Angel Russell @sergeantsparrow
The One 2s: Ep 2

I’m happy to be writing about some new work from the band The One 2s. They’re a wonderful shoegaze punk band from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Self described as shoegaze punk, their music is refreshing to the punk scene both because of its classic and modern take on punk. Everything is there that you would want from a punk band; distortion, angst, fast drum beats, and a unique charismatic view on life. Their songs pick just the right tempos, chord progressions, intros, drum beats, and vocals. I love everything about this band. As I grew up quite the punk kid myself, the teenage in me wants to go to all their shows, buy all the T-shirts and put their pins all over my hoodie. The adult musician in me appreciates their musical knowledge, skill, and presentation. Everyone involved is so talented and perfectly aware of their craft. They make a wonderful team. Leiana plays Bass and sings. Sean Bombz plays guitar and sings. Jay Dyer plays drums, and Julia Tasca plays guitar and sings. You can purchase their music below.

Yes this is just an Ep, yes this is punk music, and no my friends, it’s not dead yet.



The One 2s: Ep 2

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