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The Official Job/Work Thread

By Kipper @pghsportsforum
Thread for anyone interested in talking about their job/work. Not necessarily a place to rant or vent. Guess we should keep things clean here. The Official Job/Work Thread
I'll start. I've been SO busy with work lately that I've barely had time to check the message boards I usually peruse. This week has been extremely hectic. I've had to start around 6 AM and haven't left until between 4:30 and 5:15. Mostly because I am working on a large project with a relatively short-term deadline. Everyone is working hard and doing their best. Hoping we can get her complete. But aside, by the time I arrive home, I am near exhausted. A couple of nights I've gone to bed before 9 PM. Crazy! I just need my rest. Thank God tomorrow is Thursday. The Official Job/Work Thread
Landscaper, new lawns, shrub packages, walls, grading. I do not cut grass and i find it offensive that people just assume that's what i do The Official Job/Work Thread
That is hard work, working as a landscaper. My hat goes off to you, jleisele58. It is physically intense and dealing with hot summers is not easy. I have great appreciation for those who work physical jobs. I'm an R&D chemist. In my previous positions, I always worked in the lab. Never really did anything "physical". However, my new job, there is much more physical labor. I'm carrying heavy buckets of samples, working with big equipment, hot machines, etc. It is definitely not easy having to exert the body. Plus, most of that work is not an a temperature controlled environment. e.g. its outside.
We're on the same page. The Official Job/Work Thread
Quote Originally Posted by sluggermatt15 View Post This quote is hidden because you are ignoring this member. ://">://" onclick="kh99_iqts_show('352548_1'); return false;">Show Quote We're on the same page. No doubt, I use Pascal's Principle in the operation of hydraulic pistons that operate the loader i use for top soiling yards, so i mean basically I'm a scientist too The Official Job/Work Thread

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