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The NEW Normal

By Chuck Underwood @brandnewvegan

I have been participating in a Weight Loss Challenge that I created, so I could specifically lose some Covid Weight, and maybe a little more.

My goal? My goal is to get down to 179 pounds.

So from the 200 pounds I started at, that’s a total of 21 pounds…. because it IS 2021 after all.

But also, if I actually DID manage to lose 21 pounds, then I would be back in a ‘normal’ BMI for the first time in a very – long – time.

And as you can see below, it is working beautifully. I’ll include a link here that will explain the whole challenge if anyone is interested.
BNV’s 2021 Back to Basics Challenge

The NEW Normal

I wrote in my Facebook Group yesterday that everything was finally normalizing, meaning my weight and blood pressure.

Funny though, that word  “normalize”.  

Because we’re actually NOT that normal anymore you know.  

Normal in 2021 is overweight or obese with mediocre blood pressure, and that’s after taking a bunch of pills. Throw in some high cholesterol, maybe a stent or two, an autoimmune disease or diabetes for good measure….and yeah, that’s normal for 2021. 

The NEW Normal

The NEW Normal
February 24, 2021 to April 13, 2021

And I was THERE…..49 days ago.  I WAS normal!

I was overweight, had blood pressure problems, hell I even had a stroke a year ago. I was COMPLETELY normal, or should I say I was just like probably 99% of the US population.  

I actually fit right in. 

And I think that’s what keeps a lot of people, family included, afraid of trying this “plant-based thing” we’re all doing. 

They’re afraid of not fitting in anymore. 

They’re afraid of being “that weird guy” who eats salads for lunch instead of a burger, or God forbid, CHICKPEAS or NOOCH!   Damn hippies!

They are afraid people will think they’re “vegan” and start preaching about saving the animals or global warming or some other weird crap.  

We’ve ALWAYS eaten cows, pigs, and chickens…that’s what they’re FOR, everyone knows that. If they’d just go to the GYM once in a while, they wouldn’t have to worry about a heart attack. 

Yeah, ask Bob Harper how that worked out for him

The NEW Normal

I seriously think that’s what holds a lot of people back from eating the way we do.  

They’re afraid of being different

  • They care too much about what everyone else thinks.
  • They just want to be like everyone else. 
  • They just want to “go with the flow
  • They want to be ‘normal’. 

So this actually becomes a catch22.

Because the more NORMAL we become, the more abnormal we are … to them, which means they are more likely to NOT take anything we say seriously. 

Backwards, isn’t it? 

We all know that once you actually get started on this way of eating, it’s not that hard. Right?
I have an entire blog with over 300 recipes to help people see the food is not that different from what they were already eating.  

It’s getting them to WANT to start….. that’s the trick. 

Before they get SO sick they actually don’t have a choice anymore, and even then … some of them still won’t do it. 

So it’s our job to turn this around guys.  

WE are the normal ones.

  • Normal weight
  • Normal blood pressure
  • Normal blood cholesterol
  • Normal blood sugar
  • NO medications. 

Full of life, full of energy, glowing with good health, growing older gracefully as we go. 

Our job is to make the people around us WANT that. And if we can do that…… I think the rest will be easy.

Keep going guys.
Show them how it’s done.
Show them it’s POSSIBLE…..

I know we can do it.   


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