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The NEW Blog Design

By M00kyst @mookyst
You may have noticed that my blog has been redesigned. While it certainly looks far better and has way more features, some things have obviously changed.
On the homepage you can view my most recent articles in full. At the bottom of the page you can click 'Older Posts' to view my previous content. This isn't a really efficient, easy way of viewing my articles though.
To easily view ALL my content, look on the right side of the page at the top and you will see my archives, also known as 'All Of My Articles'. Here you can browse all my content from the very beginning by date.
If you want to find something more particular then you can use the custom search bar above the "All of My Articles" section on the right side. When you type a search query into this, you will get all of my relating posts appear on the left side above my most recent articles. Searching will NOT take you to a different page automatically and can be done smoothly without it interfering with what you are doing on your current page.
All of my original pages, like about/contact and links to my twitter and IGN accounts are all here too.
Near the bottom of the page is my twitter feed as well as a subscribe box. Subscribing is a simple, easy way of getting e-mail notifications whenever I post something new. No proper sign up or details are needed.
In the middle part on the right sidebar is a list of my most popular posts so you can easily access what the community thinks is my best content!
There is also a new Poll system called Your Review, where you can choose to vote what score you would give the game listed. Each one lasts 1 week and the results are posted in the weekly series Diary Of A F*cking Mental Head.
That is all so far. This post may be updated to include more info as I am still designing and developing my blog. Thanks for reading and enjoy!

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