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The Never Say “Like” Challenge

By Bluecollarworkman @TB_BlueCollar

Last week I had a job at Aeropostale hanging up some fitting room doors. Easy enough job. Except for, like, one thing. That whole store was filled with, like, people who, like, loved to overuse, like, one word.

Like, omigod, like

When the hell did this word become, like, so popular to use? It’s meaningless! It just, like, adds nothing to sentences. Actually, like, I think it breaks up what people are, like, saying, and makes it harder to, like, understand what they’re, like, saying.

So stop, like, saying it! (I bet the English professor at Funny About Money would agree!)

Not to rag too much on the Aeropostale crowd (they did give me a work order, afterall), because my oldest daughter uses it a lot, too. I always correct her. Imagine it, dudes — A highschool dropout correcting the grammar of a straight A student.

That word makes people sound so stupid! Stupid and unsure of themselves. Just spit it out!

The Never Say “Like” Challenge

Take the Never Say “Like” Challenge. The rules are easy – see how long you can go without saying the word, “like.”

Obviously, don’t randomly use it in your sentences where it’s meaningless. But also, instead of saying, “I like beer,” try saying, “I enjoy beer” – man, you sound smarter already!

How long can you, like, last?

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