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The Need for Sustainable and Easily Accessible Alternative Energy

Posted on the 24 October 2011 by 2ndgreenrevolution @2ndgreenrev

The Need for Sustainable and Easily Accessible Alternative EnergyWith the increasing costs of energy and the pertinent issues of global warming, people are posing questions whether it’s feasible to have alternative energy systems. Alternate energy comprises energy being developed by any other source ranging from nuclear to harnessing energies from any garbage. The term renewable is different from alternative power. It speaks about something specific, for instance, using solar power or wind energy for power generation. In other words, it can be called as energy being harnessed by common occurring natural processes like the wind and water. And the alternative source of energy can be anything.

The route to alternative energy:

We use buses and cars or motorcycles for our transport. Traditionally, these vehicles move using gas or oil. These fuels cannot be referred to as renewable resource. This means once you have used it, it’s gone for good. Therefore when searching and researching other choices it is imperative to make sure that we do not drain these energy sources. And there this is the basic reason we need to find alternative energy options. As you all know fossil fuels are not renewable. Over the long term, we see the cost of these rise. At the moment we need to continue the search for alternative sources of energy. Until then we must use current supplies of oil and gas with care and balance. Moreover, with wanton use you can end up with nothing. Thus preventive measurement is a must until we find alternative forms of energy.

Creating a sustainable form of alternative energy

The issues like cost, availability, and renewability would become the backbone of an alternative power revolution. This means that the all limitations evident in the present sources of energy can be alleviated. That’s an important point which needs to be considered while we live in an economic crunch. This will also ensure that the current finite source of energy will also remain intact and we do not exhaust them at the end of the day since we can rely on the number of other sources of energy – namely alternative energy.

The possible choice:

The possible option for sustainable and easily accessible alternative energy could include biomass energy, solar energy, wind energy, hydroelectric energy sources and geothermal energy among others. Only by combining the use of recycling and natural and renewable energies like solar or wind, can man survive in the coming time where oil and gas will be scarce. Efforts should be put forward to make these renewable options more practical and widely available. The natural resources like wind and solar which are utilized in a limited way should replace the current sources of energy.

Final word:

It’s high time that our scientists and governments turn serious about this issue and develop sustainable and easily accessible alternative energy options. This is certainly important to counter the menace of inflation. Secondly, we need to take energy conservation into consideration. Efforts should be put forward to create a viable alternative and make them available to the common man to access; only then would the masses embrace them.

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