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The Naked Jungle Hut

By Alternativeeden @markngaz

The Jungle Hut was completed last weekend much to our delight! And just in time too before the first serious frost and cold spell set in this week.

The Naked Jungle Hut

The Jungle Hut - completed and naked!

The roof is now nicely clad with cedar shingles. The electrical supply has been restored and new plug points and lighting are now in place and working fine. The tongue and groove cladding for the ceiling have been finished. The inside of the hut itself have been plastered and walls looking smooth. Bamboo balustrades are all in....

The Naked Jungle Hut

They've done a great job with the cedar shingle roofing!

The Naked Jungle Hut

Tongue and Groove for the ceiling

So basically whatever the builders need to have have all been done and we are so pleased with the end product!

However, as the title implies, it may be complete but it is still naked, and will have to remain so until early next year.

The Naked Jungle Hut

It will receive lots of staining and painting early next year

Before anything saucy comes to mind, what I mean with it being naked is that at the moment it is at a raw state - no decorations, no paint, no preservatives or stains, will need thorough cleaning, will need some sanding, even the pendant light needs adjusting. All of these tasks are weather dependent and will have to wait till next year the soonest we have a (relative) warm spell or a decent spate of good weather.

But for now it needs to serve an important purpose of utility storage and winter protection of several potted plants, exactly how the old jungle was used before it was irreversibly damaged.

The Naked Jungle Hut

The pendant light will need adjusting

Something to look forward to in the spring, getting this naked jungle hut clothed, made p, and very presentable! We haven't decided yet on the final color scheme but we have some ideas already on the new furniture and decorations that will go in it, and the atmosphere we'd want to create in it. And of course how it will enhance the garden too. Things are bound to change and evolve of course, we have all winter to decide but the process should be fun!

The Naked Jungle Hut

For now it's main purpose is to store and protect plants

It may be naked but it sure is getting our creative juices flowing!!
Mark :-)

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