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The Mongozo Beer Keeps Winning Awards

By Monsabor @monsabor

ENG | Yesterday afternoon, amid laughter and gossip between my sister and I, we tested the prestigious Mongozo Premium Pilsener. I say “prestigious” because it has won many awards including the best gluten-free lager in the world twice consecutively (2012 and 2013), quite an achievement.

The beer, as most know, is basically composed of malt, hops, yeast and of course, water. Simultaneously, the malt, which is just germinated barley, contains gluten present in most grains, and thus determinant of beer flavor. Hence the major challenge of developing a gluten-free beer with an identical taste to beer with gluten. However, despite the difficulty, Mongozo has succeeded, and not only that, but also it’s an organic and fair trade beer. 

Probando la cerveza Mongozo

Specifically Mongozo Premium Pilsener Beer contains, along with the basic ingredients listed above, high-quality organic rice, an alcohol content of 5% and a light, mild and subtly bitter flavor which marries perfectly with pork, chorizo, grilled red meat, stews with predominance of tomato, oily fish, vegetables like cabbage and asparagus …

Therefore, if you consume organic products, agree to fair trade or can’t eat products with gluten, or all three … this beer is a good choice!

Enjoy the weekend and if you’ve tried Mongozo beer and would like to add something more, don’t hesitate to write a comment below!


Mongozo Premium Pilsener

Mongozo Premium Pilsener beer

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