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The Missing Secret to Parenting - Part 1

By Dgmommy @dgmommyblogger

I consider myself to be a relatively evolved individual. I'm open-minded, tolerant and full of love for humanity. I think of myself as a confident woman... most of the time. But there is this little "not good enough" voice that pops up often enough to do damage. 
A few weeks ago, the confident me reached out to a woman whom I highly respect, Denny Hagel, author of the ebook The Missing Secret to Parenting, and website of the same name. If you follow me on Twitter, you've likely seen my numerous re-tweets of her poignant parenting tweets. 
You may have heard of the movie The Secret, which is about the Law of Attraction. The Law of Attraction essentially states that what we think about, we bring about. If we focus on debt, we attract more debt. If we focus on success, we attract success! Easy, right? Not always, because we have these sticky things called "limiting beliefs" of which we may not even be aware. They hide deep in our subconscious and effect our lives without us even realizing it.  The Missing Secret to Parenting - Part 1In her book, The Missing Secret to Parenting, Denny Hagel demonstrates this concept in the realm of parenting. I've studied the Law of Attraction for the past three years and have often wrestled with how to apply it as a parent. Enter Denny's book. In it, she helps the reader discover their parenting "mindset" and gently guides the discovery of the reader's own limiting beliefs. 
I warn you, it isn't an easy read, thus, the "part 1" of my title, but it is an important one. Having minored in Psychology, I easily recognize avoidance and I have been avoiding this book! I sped right through the first couple of chapters, but then discomfort set in. 
As an evolved individual, I recognize that discomfort serves an important purpose. It's the place between stagnation and growth. Yet, I've been unable unwilling to push past it. It requires me to face my insecurities. It requires me to face that "not good enough" voice that I swore for years didn't exist. It requires me to face and embrace my faults as a parent, of which I have many. It requires me to examine my self-confidence, or put oppositely, my insecurities. Of which, I have many. 
So, that's where I leave Part 1 of the review of this book. After a few deep breaths, I may finally be ready to turn the page. On to the next chapter. 

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