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The Mirror of Self Esteem….

By Clarkkent07 @lpatterson1017


How many times have you betrayed yourself?  We project hate in what we hate about ourselves.. We become what we hate..when we see it in another, we will attack, we will be angry, but the truth is.. We can externally attack those that mirror something we don’t like about ourselves.  How do you do your work to fix this?  How else does pain become amplified without doing this work?


ALL Self hatred always come with a price.. We attack those that give us the betrayal we do to ourselves..


We don’t see our relationships in this way cause we don’t seek the relationship we have with ourselves, We seek external relationships to cover this up.. we seek external validation, we seek external comfort, when we don’t get it, we give ourselves the painful experience…  When someone gives us a hug are they holding the complete you if you never do?


We get mean, hateful, and we don’t honor who we are inside…


Truly successful people want to empower you to do what is right inside you, not for them, but for you…


We mimic what we have seen…  The broken mirror syndrome is in effect in this way. How many cracks a broken mirror can have are determined in the ability to heal yourself.  If you have been hurt and you neglect the hurt and even make this simple statement I need time to heal.. Is this asking for permission to hold onto that hurt a little longer?  What do you need it for?  What is it’s purpose?


So what we do, we hold unrealistic demands and expectations from everyone else to exclude ourselves….


So how do we do our work and heal what this is within us?


How do we become love instead of seeking it outside ourselves and making others responsible for it?


No one is going to make you number one when you don’t make yourself number one.. How do you wake up to make this important to you?  If pleasing someone is Important for you to give to another, then realize this will be done poorly because you lack to experience the truth that you are not giving it to yourself…


How you embrace this truth is how you either do or don’t make your giving a lie…


Have you ever told someone something that was told to you in confidence and then someone did that to you..


You did the energy to make it true.. You make yourself a victim, yet don’t see why you don’t need to be angry… Angry gives the other power and you powerless….


Trust is what we give ourselves to know the difference.. If you are betrayed by yourself you will give others this permission…


The healing that we ignore or can’t see inside of ourselves has a reflection of something inside we still need to heal.. this can show up in many different forms to include self esteem.  How you embrace this content is the minds way of showing you either the following is true or false.


He/She doesn’t listen to me, or look at me anymore.

I blame everyone for things that happen to me.

I blame my father for not being in my life or if he was he was absent in my growth.

I blame my mother for not being in my life or if she was she was absent in my growth.

I care dearly for others and their well being to include sacrificing myself to do so.

I do everything for everyone and ignore my needs allowing theirs to come first.


If any one of these statements is your way of seeing things then I want to push you at the truth… How well do you do at giving anyone anything if this is your state of what you think in what you do and what you send out?  Can a person who takes care of themselves poorly be able to take care of anyone else? Can anyone who incorporates blame be able to give you something they never got?  Isn’t the focus of what is stated here the reason blame has no truth? Or are you saying to yourself you are wrong, just because I don’t give it to myself doesn’t mean I can’t give it to anyone else.  Hmmmm.. we all become mind readers in this sense.. yet a child will always point this truth out for you, to include the child still within you.


If you said yes to this then ask yourself this one very simple powerful question…


What is love to you that you give yourself?

If you still don’t understand the question you now have a starting point!

Do you see how powerful this is..  You have done what the following statements which are victim statements have done to you..  What about what you do to yourself because those have been the lie you tell others and believe inside to keep you from yourself?


Questions that will show you what you send out…  Why doesn’t he or Why doesn’t she?


These are victim statements that claim your self esteem has been taken away.  By who? who are you given permission or taking away from at this point?  Do you see how this may be your permission that is being given or taken away inside yourself?


If your energy is directed in love at someone are you sure that energy is full of love and not the victim statements you have made in your existence embedded in that love?


Recently I listened compassionately to someone who was hurting, anxious, and scared…


They were upset over being alone..  Let’s define alone in this and in all cases…


When I am by myself, I don’t love being with myself. I want to make someone responsible to take this away from me. I will be what they want me to be, until it is time to make this known. If I can hide this from them, I can get over being by myself.  Here I am doing the same thing again, I am pathetic, I am a loser, I need to get a life.  how many of these statements that can be made will be made and will keep you from any growth in love that you can possess. Is this not a fact?


Pay attention to these statements for now that is your story and what it is that you will become.. The story.. Not the truth but the lie itself.  You are always connected.. If you weren’t, your heart would stop beating give you love, would it not?  Your ability to make yourself right in this, is the mind saying it needs this story..  What is a story in your existence?


Do you feel a story about a happy ending is what you seek?  If you are shaking your head yes right now.. I have another place to point…


ENDING…..  the word means what to you?  Are you seeing the total picture?  Are you seeing the concept and realizing you are placing a world of illusion before you that will end… ENDING is there behind happiness.  It doesn’t matter how you say it, Happily ever after…  After what?  EVER AFTER WHAT?


hmmm why not? Happy existence… shared happy truth for this existence.


If you are stating you want a happy ending.. you are stating the obvious are you not?


Happiness is the joy within you that celebrates the animation of god inside of love…  This is the truth how could it not be? Unless or until you seek this, what is it that you claim that you can say that is your love to another?  ESPECIALLY if you lack giving it to yourself to find out!


If that spoke to you, then why is everything about what your not giving yourself, and now realize it enough to start giving it to yourself?


Paint the picture of your existence not someone else’s.. Your purpose, especially since each of us has a purpose, is this one simple thing we all have in common!  Who told you that you didn’t have purpose is the one who sees this and says I need to keep my story.  This story doesn’t need to be read it needs to be written.  By you and the love you are within..


Don’t look to the ocean of stars to tell you this, look within the ocean in you… So much depth there.. so much love there…


If you are trying to fill the hole in you that is within your soul in places of your soul realize this one thing… You have the power within you to fill those holes and create the most beautiful love.. no matter how messy and no matter how painfully violent you see it as being..  This is where the work must be done.  Not for the blame you can give others, but for the love you want others to give you when you start giving it to yourself.


How deep is your self esteem? how deep is your love? how deep is your relationship with yourself?  Need not be critical of you, but critical for you! This pain is the pain of birth.. You will have a beautiful baby love born into everything when you see this for yourself.


How do you cure the addiction to pain..

Find the truth to the addiction… Ever have something sour and you wanted something sweeter.. So you put sugar in it… You taste it and keep adding sugar till it is something sweet…  You add this sugar because of the sour you didn’t like.. You found something to offset it…  This is addiction.. When you have a hole in you that is fragile (missing mother or father that fills you with love you feed into yourself) (sour). You find what you can add to it to take away the sour.. A distraction or substitute for the right thing.  Do you see that?   Drawing to family is sour and the urge to gravitate to sugar is very strong.. What if you become your sugar now.. The hole in your soul that has always needed answers would not just heal. But heal all! Making love sweet… You can become the sugar that is the truth about the love you all feel for each other… You just have to put this ingredient inside yourself!


This post is dedicated to my Lois, for without her pointing into the love I have to give to myself, grew my ability to feel her love in truth!


If the love doesn’t set you free are you sure it is love?



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