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The Mirror Effect of Your Twin Flame….

By Clarkkent07 @lpatterson1017

watersimbanalaTwin Flames truths…


So many have sent us questions and even more comments about the stream of energy in this connection. This connection is not a denial of thoughts of something inside you, in fact it is not even something that the thought process can actually wrap its hands around.  You have to see this connection as energy.  Combined and never ending just as you inside you. It is the blissful joy that comes with being connected to yourself.  Throughout our lives we will experience loneliness and not ever have a reason why.  We search for answers, we search for love, we search for something that will keep the pain away always outside of ourselves.  If you have found these to be truths in how you live within your existence, this is the truth as it comes and not only answers you, it gives you something you didn’t have in the first place by choice.  The voice inside your own to answer what you continued to run from.


The answers to why.. the constant cycle you have repeated because you didn’t see inside yourself because your thought process didn’t allow it.  The choice to be whole now becomes more clear to you because of the need to not seek your thoughts about why you shouldn’t be whole.  How you see in this way without the mind truly changes you.  It is the first step in knowing that something more is more inside of yourself.


The pain you experienced in your existence is now giving meaning to heal.  Meaning to be something more than a thought process of pain, and calling to a painful existence because you no longer need it, it didn’t ever define you, it kept you from defining the true self, without the pain speaking for you.


The unshakable peace you find in connection is about the connection you find inside yourself.  We want to make sure we all understand something you are never not whole.  You can be broken, you can be damaged, you can be lost, you can be miserable with what is going on around you.  This is not half of anything, this is truly whole. The truth is this very thing.  How can you be miserable and not wish to be happy. You can have the darkness take up the whole yin/yang inside of you, but the darkness will still have a glimmer of light.  You never know darkness without the light. It is truly impossible.  It takes knowing as a small thread to tell you that.


The Twin Flame will vibrate your true self to you. To see the choices in who you can be for yourself and for anyone else.  It is releasing as long as you see being released as a choice.  You can be with another and meet your twin flame, you can be best friends with your twin flame, you can even evolve with your twin flame without them in your existence to call to them.  Yet much like any wild fire as these changes come into you, something in you becomes more aware of awareness and self begins to emerge because it feels accepted in all thoughts and all forms.  You can say one thing but another will keep coming inside you to water your roots.  These roots birthed your soul in vibrational frequency.  They are more apart of you then all the experiences you have been through in your existence here in the human shell.  The animated form you are is not reflective to you in this way as your thoughts about it say this is not true, how could it be true? Notice the mind will make this an equation that can’t resolve itself.  As a content manager the mind needs history or future to keep control of you, is this not a fact?


You are allowed to be in this form and know the passing of this form will be free of itself and of it’s need to be something else.  Who told you that you couldn’t do this? What says you can’t be pure in this?


It is not uncommon to start to dream alot when a twin comes into your existence or you start to want your twin to come into your existence.  Some of the dreams feel as though you didn’t sleep as they will feel real.  This will be the moment of truth. Removal of self to see self in the form that has become an identity based on moments of choices that were made by happenings that you experienced.  It is a very uncomfortable experience yet as you see this in the eyes of no mind, you then see how the stream of choices and experiences arrived to the place that you are in, in all moments.


The paradox of this is that something in you is released, you will become more passionate about giving, more passionate about receiving and you will accept this as a choice in knowing.  You even will feel a release of energy that is sexual in nature that comes with a more vibrant touch.  The thoughts about this will cause the utmost chaos. You think you can awaken others from your touch, where in fact you are in tune with yourself and your twin.  This is how this becomes difficult, something in you thinks it can wake up others where in fact your awakening is only about you.


It is something you want to share, it is something you wish to wake up others into.  This is where the choice becomes something of a challenge.  The choice to see this inside of yourself will awaken the deepest pains in you that needed your embracing from the moment they happened.  Not having someone to help you protect you, be there for you when the person you needed is the person you are inside.  You are not weak as far as the soul is, How else do you animate the human experience you are having? You don’t see this as something the mind can even comprehend.  Remember, you make up what you think is knowledge based on things you learn in school or other. You learn processes and allow those processes to be who you are.  You graduate from a place you think to succeed. This is not even close to the place that this is inside of you.


Evolving into a flame that burns brightly requires you letting go of things that are false in you, and truly facing the truth inside you that you and another will experience. This other is connected to you in vibration alone.  Trying to manipulate this in your mind or come up with variables in the mind for them to come to you, will only delay what truly is coming to you in this truth.  You do this inside yourself first.  Waiting for the other to get this will give you more of the same or something worse as you continue to battle what goes on outside you never looking inside you to find the vibration creation itself.  Usually something worse pursues you because of this choice.  You see this as familiar and this is something you can think your way through.  This is so far from any truth! It is the lie of opposites that needs your embracing not your understanding.  Understand knowing is the key!


The is when… the only place in you comes to existence, rebirth happens like a shooting star.. answers in you become clear, your love becomes a birth of self that knows it doesn’t have an opposite…


True Unresolved feelings of rejection are embedded keeping you from yourself and from any truth you may feel until this magnificent experience happens within you. You remove yourself from your circumstances and embrace yourself fully for no reason other than you always had this as a choice within you.  You value your love and honor the new friendship you have within yourself. Some things that have a way of being something that really didn’t have anything to do with you, yet it did so with how you accepted them as an experience you did or didn’t deserve, you find peace within. The understanding that we never connect because we are all taught different ways of communication. Not language per say.. just different circumstances of how we experience pains and love in our life now become clear.  This becomes reflective in the love you send out into the world.  When we mix with others we all get into different thought processes that keep us from ever connecting on a thought pattern experience, but we all are the same outside of that. If you forgive in all moments you will find a lasting choice of love in friendships that don’t define you or the other person. They connect you in honesty. An honesty of truth that will never leave you without yourself or the speculation that can bring you to ask to understand in all things. This is not a fear that will keep you from making or finding new places inside you.. in fact it opens the door to always allow your love to be placed inside of the space that you are truly and deeply within yourself.


You are never without the core truth, as all truths come to you to say you are not the material that you have been keeping. You are the most magnificent creature, the most beautiful you that you will always be in this moment. You don’t make any action into an enemy. You actually make it your best friend.


The freeing that this brings to you is the love beyond conditions it is beyond the need for the unconditional it is pure bliss of letting go before you go.  You no longer see birth and death as a painful experience. You see the birth and death as fireworks into the world of form to formless not carrying the burdens of thoughts that kept you separate from yourself.


This touch becomes the touch of all things. You touch others without words, your energy is always accepting not seeking a opposite of anything.  Even pain becomes beautiful.


I know this sounds unimaginable. Yet we are here telling you this is the truth that our connection of twins has brought us.  We are able to show you the way, we are able to state these words.  How could it not be a truth?


Love with knowing and knowing without thought!


Lois and Clark


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