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The Mini iPad Here: New Challenges for Designers, Too

Posted on the 24 October 2012 by Themarioblog @garciainteract

The mini iPad here: new challenges for designers, too
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Now available: The EPUB version of iPad Design Lab: Storytelling in the Age of the Tablet, ready for download via for Kindle:

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Read the review from Dr. Pegie Stark Adam in her blog

TAKEAWAY: It is here, Apple’s mini iPad—not much of a surprise—and, for designers new challenges ALSO: Monocle 24 Radio turns 1, with big London party, and more of the good stuff to come. AND: Great news for the app

Mini iPad: smaller canvas, same good stuff

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The new mini iPad: it’s 7.9-inch screen, same resolution as iPad 2 so it will run all iPad apps

Oct. 23 was marked on a lot of calendars as another one of those much expected days when Apple announces “something new”.

This time, however, there were a variety of “something new” moments and products to announce:

The iPad Mini—-just as rumors had it for months, there is a new iPad Mini soon in the market; it is exactly as expected: 7.9-inch screen, same resolution as iPad 2 so it will run all iPad apps, just smaller. Emphasis more on web browsing than reading, surprisingly. Starts at $329. The iPad Mini shrinks down the iPad 2’s screen. So, for example, our book iPad Design Lab,  should appear exactly as it does on the regular iPad, just 19% smaller. Not a bad solution. 

But, for us designers, as the great Joe Zeff reminds us: The challenge will be that we will be confronted with the need to deliver that same content on a smaller model as well. Print designers who have created a same newspaper product for two formats, broadsheet and compact, can identify with this situation.  Not unsurmountable, but a new challenge to think about.

The new iPad (4): Also new regular iPad (4th-generation): Very similar to current one, but twice as fast. Same screen.

iBooks Author: this fabulous program which we used to design our digital book, iPad Design Lab,  gets upgrades. Two new widgets: scrolling sidebars and pop-overs (AKA mini stories). Updating ebooks is now easier and clearer, with a dedicated button on the iBookshelf to show if you textbooks have been updated. Also, now we can embed fonts. In addition,  there is now better support for portrait orientation.

Pop overs: What a coincidence.  Yesterday in this blog we continued to discuss what I call mini-stories. One of the new features that Apple has added to iBooks Author: scrolling sidebars and pop-overs! “Pop-overs” are exactly what I call mini stories!!!

Easier to execute now.  Still, somebody has to think about them.

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Those pop up moments and mini stories just became easier

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Reviewing the mini iPad


Yes folks, it’s arrived: Apple’s new iPad mini. As you can see, it’s certainly smaller than the regular iPad, although at 7.9 inches it’s not as small as you’d expect — compared to something like the Nexus 7, it does feel more hefty in your hands, though the thinness of the device seems to make up for a bigger surface area. To be clear, it’s an incredibly thin and light design, with a lean profile despite being larger than some of the devices it challenges.

Challenge for designers with the mini iPad


An iPad mini that is fully compatible with all 275,000 iPad apps in the App Store poses a challenge for designers and developers.

It’s music to our ears: among the best

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The app has been chosenas one of The Guardian’s 20 Best iPhone and iPad apps”. Time to celebrate.

In its weekly roundup of the best new iPhone and iPad apps, The Guardian cites

The website has been filming bands and musicians performing live for some time now, but now all that footage is available through an iPad app in HD quality. You can browse the sessions, read liner notes, create playlists and find out more about the artists – all within a virtual venue environment.

We were very proud to be part of the team creating the app.

And even prouder to be in the company of that forever popular character, Charlie Brown, and revered William Shakespeare (both of which are among the best apps, according to The Guardian).

Celebrating the success in London tonight with Nick Hansen, president and co-founder of

Monocle 24 Radio turns 1

Tyler Brulé greets guests at his part for Monocle 24’s first year anniversary in London Tuesday night

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Guests of Tyler Brulé enjoy a fun party at Midori House in London Tuesday night

Speaking of celebrations in London: last night Tyler Brulé threw a nice party at Midori House, home of the Monocle empire.

I was among the more than 100 who gathered to celebrate, enjoy food and wine, and hear Tyler thank everyone for the success of his radio adventure “around the clock, around the world”.

As someone who has been invited often to appear in Monocle 24, I am always fascinated by the level of discussion and conversation that takes place there.  From politics to design, it is always an energetic conversation, and the music is great, too.

Cities, entrepeneurship, travel, and the mix of “small stories”, themes of the day, and commentary provide a Monocle take on the world.
It is not always the visible story that Monocle 24 goes after:  but it is the “after” of the visible stories that Monocle 24 journalists and their guests get involved with.

Take a look at this celebratory video prepared by Monocle’s Gillian Dobias:

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