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The Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka - LEARN NC

By Darthclavie @DarthClavie
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Perplexed and horrified by Gregor's new body, both Gregor and the family settle into a routine in the following weeks and months. While Gregor gets to know the capabilities of his new body-and his new taste for rotten foods-Grete, his sister, becomes his primary caretaker, feeding him twice a day and cleaning his room.

Character Analysis of Gregor in The Metamorphosis " by

But what makes Kafka's story such a classic is that it's able to move from the Big Questions that haunt civilization as we know it to that universally recognizable (and, let's be honest-often pretty hilarious) experience of adolescent awkwardness. It's an all-encompassing allegory. And it raises some huge questions.

The Metamorphosis - by Franz Kafka

And so he rushed out-the women were just leaning against the writing desk in the next room to give themselves a breather-and four times changed his direction, since he really did not know what to rescue first, then on the wall opposite, which was already otherwise cleared, he was struck by the picture of the lady muffled in so much fur and quickly crawled up to it and pressed himself to the glass, which was a good surface to hold on to and comforted his hot belly. This picture at least, which was entirely hidden beneath him, was going to be removed by nobody. He turned his head towards the door of the living room so as to observe the women when they came back.

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It's not often that we a) get our sincerity on or b) let another writer in the driver's seat when we're talking about why you should care about a work of literature. (We're the world's biggest lit nerds-you should see our tats.)

One day, Grete discovers that Gregor enjoys crawling all around the room, including over the walls and the ceilings. Grete and the mother proceed to move the furniture out of Gregor's room to give him more space to roam. While up to this point Gregor has hidden himself whenever anyone walks into the room, he plants himself on top of a picture on the wall in an effort to express his wish that the furniture remain in his room.

He thought that he might get out of bed with the lower part of his body first, but this lower part, which he had not yet seen and of which he could form no clear conception, proved too difficult to move it shifted so slowly and when finally, almost wild with annoyance, he gathered his forces together and thrust out recklessly, he had miscalculated the direction and bumped heavily against the lower end of the bed, and the stinging pain he felt informed him that precisely this lower part of his body was at the moment probably the most sensitive.

And although his injury had impaired, probably for ever, his powers of movement, and for the time being it took him long, long minutes to creep across his room like an old invalid-there was no question now of crawling up the wall-yet in his own opinion he was sufficiently compensated for this worsening of his condition by the fact that towards evening the living-room door, which he used to watch intently for an hour or two beforehand, was always thrown open, so that lying in the darkness of his room, invisible to the family, he could see them all at the lamp-lit table and listen to their talk, by general consent as it were, very different from his earlier eavesdropping.

THE METAMORPHOSIS is an unusual read and great classic that should not be missed for fans of sci-fi and although I did not particularly care for the ending, found it unputdownable.

Gregor Samsa is a devoted son working as a traveling salesman, a stressful job he abhors, in order to support his parents and seventeen year old sister, but looks forward to the time when all their debts will be paid so he can finally make a change.... but not the kind he soon experiences.

When the women return to the room, the mother sees Gregor and faints. Grete runs into the living room to get the mother some spirits, and Gregor follows. When Grete turns, she is startled by Gregor and runs back into Gregor's room. Flustered, Gregor scurries around the living room until he plops onto the table in the middle of the living room, exhausted.

The Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka - LEARN NC

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