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The Me in Mommy

By Dgmommy @dgmommyblogger
Do you get so wrapped up in your children, your husband and your home that you sometimes completely lose sight of yourself? Do you care for everyone else and yet fail to care for yourself? As mothers we do this often without realizing it. We believe it is our duty, perhaps even our destinies to care for others and we put ourselves last on the list... even behind laundry!
I am guilty of this. Frequently. Fortunately, I often realize that I've lost touch with myself and that it is time to prioritize me for a while.
The Me in MommyWhen I am stressed, overwhelmed and overworked with the demands of being a mother and wife, writer and business owner, housekeeper and cook I get grumpy! Grumpy with life, grumpy with myself, grumpy with my kids and grumpy with my man. None of us deserve that. The remedy is simple: I take time for me.
This doesn't mean hours and dollars getting massages and pedicures, though I thoroughly enjoy it and wish for it weekly. (click donate :) It means letting some things go, taking it easy and getting present with myself. Breathing deeply, thinking about the things that set my soul free in song. It means taking my time and putting a stop to multi-tasking; Sitting down to read with my children instead of trying to write an article while cooking dinner; Closing the computer and watching my kids play while sipping my coffee.
Take a few minutes every day to simply be with yourself. Be quiet. Be still. Just be.

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