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The Masks Surrounding Love by @kawkeytrish

By Samkitots

“Love takes off masks we fear we cannot live without and know we cannot live within”

The journey that is dating has been a short one for me… It’s good to be able to say “I am in love”. It actually feels great. Like it has a life of its own. Like it has wings and could fly given half the chance. Its special carved in stone! But what happens when others don’t share in your joy and happiness? What happens when others think no way in hell this will pull through? What happens when family is at loggerheads with your flaming passion?

I ask myself these questions daily… I’m sure so many people have a list of those who approve of their liaisons, their lovers, their spouses even their friends for friendship is a deep love that transcends a lot of things. Do you let yourself be plagued and succumb to the ever growing demand to have your neck on a guillotine if you do not severe that link which you feel is so important for you?

The masks surrounding love by @kawkeytrishSeveral things the world does not understand is that as much as you crave approval… your approval of what you want is paramount and comes first. Only you will understand that you never want to lose someone… to let them be apart from you. It won’t be an option to let someone be a stranger who knows all your secrets and all your family members and all your quirks and all your flaws because trust me… it won’t make sense.

This is the point you decide to bite the bullet… To love hard where love is had. This thing we will never be able to clearly put a finger on bring the best of us out and even that we thought we could hide and not be suddenly is not necessary. This is coz there is someone who still stays even after seeing how awkward you are, how dark you can be and accepts you for it. It’s with that that you reciprocate. No matter how much others cast a shadow, when you love someone you believe… even when the world seems to indulge in wild suspicions…you know what you know and that’s always enough!

And someone special once told me…don’t judge others just because you sin differently. Someone may be too skinny or too loud or too crazy or too evil… but that does not mean they are all bad. Even good people do bad things. It’s the order of life and no one is a saint. But when you remember that person they are intimate with is the person they show all their facets to without reproach… that is the person who knows “uzuri wake na ubaya wake”… you learn to live and let live!

In this day and age where people believe less and less in relationships, in the goodness of people and in the purity of hearts and love… asking so much from someone feels crazy. Giving so much feels threatening. Because the threat of heartbreak is only too real… especially if you have been hurt in more ways than one. But every person is an unrepeatable miracle and what others did to you should not be that waking nightmare that hoards all the sunshine from your life. There are good classical relationships out there, those that give a heartwarming leap to frozen hearts. When we find that we owe it to ourselves to make it the best we can…

Positivity is great in the face of adversity especially when that adversity comes knocking madly and threatens to pull you down hook, line and sinker. Falling in love is easy but staying in love is special. And with that in mind convincing the non-believers should be a piece of cake!

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