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The Marriage Odyssey

By Cbhojwani
The Marriage OdysseyFor each, marriage is undoubtedly an incomparable voyage. It is an expedition full of experiences that often titillate the mind and all the senses and although it’s usually filled with positive experiences, every Yin has its Yang.
From venturing around the globe from Vizag to Vegas and several destinations in between, we always return to Lagos and to be frank, it’s better than I expected. In fact, I quite like it here. That was until our dinner the other night. On our way back, Mr.B parked in the garage as he usually does and we made our way to the elevators when suddenly, a shadow whizzed by up ahead. It was too big to be a mosquito I thought. We continued making our way when suddenly it swooped by again. I froze where I stood and dug my fingernails in to Mr.B’s arm as fear gripped me to the core. I saw its brown, leathery wings flap below the low ceiling as it flew randomly. It was a flipping bat!
The Marriage OdysseyMr.B coaxed me to move forward and I tried to inch closer when the creature suddenly flew in our direction causing me to shriek! Two Nigerians stepped out to the garage to see what the commotion was. The giant beast flew away momentarily only to return and force me to shriek once again! Distracted by the Nigerians it flew in their direction giving us perhaps our only window to run to the elevators. Sprinting to the lobby, I collapsed against the metal doors and repeatedly pressed the lift button as Mr.B laughed & laughed till tears rolled down his cheeks.
The Marriage OdysseyIf that wasn’t bad enough, last night I leapt out of my slumber only to find us blanketed by lightening. I kid you not, it felt as though the lightening was at our doorstep especially since the crack of the thunder sent vibrations through the entire building! The tropical storm continued through most of the night and in to the early morning.
I know some consider marriage an adventure but I when did I sign up for the flipping Indian Jones Package???
The Marriage Odyssey
Marriage Tip No. 43:
When getting married, be sure to pack your hat and whip!
Welcome to our adventurous marriage!

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