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Culture Clash

By Cbhojwani
Culture ClashThe Mrs and I take a much needed holiday with our 13 month old son and while others choose sun, sand and sea...we decided to head right in to the Polar Vortex and make our way to Atlanta. 
After a 10 hour flight, we reach immigration and face the usual round of questioning except, we didn't account for the cultural differences.
Immigration Officer: Is this your first time to the US?Mrs. B: No.Immigration Officer: Where do you live?Mrs. B: London.Immigration Officer: And what do you do there?Mrs. B: I'm a solicitor.
(pause) Immigration officer raises an eyebrow....
Immigration Officer:....and what is it that you, 'solicit'?
Marriage Tip No. 60: If you're going to 'solicit', don't brag about it!
Welcome back to our marriage! 

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