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The Map Of Andrea Ghisi's Laberinto

By Gerard @presurfer
The Map Of Andrea Ghisi's Laberinto
In 1607 Andrea Ghisi, a Venetian nobleman, published a peculiar book entitled 'Il laberinto del Signor Andrea Ghisi nel qual si contiene una tessitura di due mila ducento sessanta Figure, che aprendolo tre volte, con facilità si può saper qual figura si sia immaginata.'
The book can be used to find out, through three questions, which figure a person is thinking of. It is composed of 21 tables, one for each letter of the Italian alphabet, each spread over two pages. Every table shows the same 60 figures, mixed in different ways and subdivided in four groups each containing 15 images.
You can try it out yourself here.The Presurfer

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