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The Many Dangers of Donald Trump

Posted on the 10 August 2019 by Morage @kebmebms

What we have is a problem, a person, who attacks or wants to attack virtually anything and everything--all institutions, virtually all nations, including our allies, everyone and everything, as i said except some dictators like Russia's Vladimir Putin, North Korea's Kim Jong Un and the Philippines' Duterte.
This article, coincidentally, just broke yesterday from Bloomberg.

Trump Continues Destruction of the U.S. Government

Think about it. Think about all the people and organizations and nations this man, this Republican President has verbally attacked. The list is stunning.
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  • Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi and that simply because she doesn't agree with him completely, as he attacks everyone who doesn't
  • Robert Mueller, a Republican, simply because he, Mr. Mueller, was doing his job
  • "The Squad", four Congresswomen who happen to also be of minorities (besides just also being women) because, again, they disagree with him
  • Member of the House of Representatives Frederica Wilson, D-Florida, because her recollection and description of a meeting and conversation with a widow of a fallen US soldier
  • He famously and horribly attacks the media and repeatedly, First Amendment be damned
  • In fact, he infamously attacked a reporter with a disability (see link to video below)
  • China, and repeatedly, over trade, keeping in mind they are one of our two largest trading partners, second only to the UK
  • Members of NATO, our allies
  • the G20, again, our allies
  • The UK's Prime Minister Theresa May, one of our biggest and oldest allies
  • Fox News. Yes, he even attacked Fox. They didn't agree with him totally so he went after even that lapdog of his
The New York Times rather famously compiled this list. Because it's now dated, it's no longer complete.
The 598 People, Places and Things Donald Trump Has Insulted on Twitter: A Complete List
Here's what just one of the results of his attacks has resulted in and cost the nation.

Markets fall sharply as Donald Trump attacks China over trade talks

So, questions.
I mean, besides a 3 year old, who does this? 
Worse, what leader of any nation does this? And can you believe this is OUR leader? Or at least, he's supposed to be.
And then, how do you lead by attacking all the time? And how does one lead by attacking virtually everyone that doesn't already agree with you completely?
How is this productive? 
How is this good for the nation? Good for the people? Good for our futures, both the peoples' and nation's?
If this were the average person on the street, if it were, say, someone at our office we were supposed to work with, we'd certainly avoid them, at least, if we didn't also think they were crazy, legitimately.
Then, how is this good for our nation? It can't possibly be argued it's good for us in any way. 
I ask again, now, as others have rightly asked, what kind of a precedent is this for our nation and for our government? There's no way this is good.
All I can say is, as ever in the last two years of this nightmare, 
Bad as all this is, as bad a President and leader as this man has been, this is what concerns me most.
2020 Election: Why Trump's Second Term Would Be Irreversible
Vote, folks.
And may God, if there is one, and common sense and logic and intelligence and education and maturity and anything and everything good, one day rule again.
And very soon.
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