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The Maitreya Song – Its Origin

By Luphil

I like singing the song to Lord Maitreya. I learnt it in the WTT about 18 years ago and I remember it took me some time learning it, with the all the Sanskrit wording. I didn’t know, however, where the song came from. A friend, who had asked Dr. Kumar about its origin, sent me the e-mail:

“The Maitreya song was conceived a hundred years ago by an old Theosophist in Mumbai. It remained neglected and dormant until 1985. I picked it up and propagated in our groups, since we are working for the World Teacher.”

You can download the song here (MP3, 9.2 MB) and read the text here. Singing the Maitreya song is a means to connect to his energies.


From the cover of the booklet “Lord Maitreya”

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