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The Magic That Holds Your Relationship Together.

By Samkitots

“I wanna know how it feels to be loved, how it feels to be me, how it feels to be free.
Gimmie the
Magic x4
Do you wanna know how it feels to live life, how it feels to just smile, how it feels to be free?
Gimmie the
Magic x4”


The magic that holds your relationship together.I love this song by Zamajobe, not only because it’s groovy and a buddy of mine plays in her band [yes I just bragged unnecessarily], but also because Zamajobe articulates the feel of love and the heart that most would want to experience when in that state that love creates. A high that allows the lover or the loved to be in a trance.

Reflecting over the past few weeks, I have seen that love really is not just about what you want but also what your partner wants. You have to give to receive. Love, being a two way street need both parties to have the need to satisfy each other.

Our current atmosphere really is indicative of what we want as individuals. With both guys and girls running around and looking for what they want in a relationship with little or no consideration for the one they love.

When discovering what it is to love and to be loved and getting to know what the dating scene was like, there was a lady friend of mine who would blurt out every so often “aki men! They are so…” and proceed to describe men as the evil users, abusers that float around. This upset me and I would try tell her that not everyone was like that, her response was “Sam you know I don’t mean you”, then I would wonder what she meant by that statement, because, last I checked I was a man and fell in the generalised statement of “aki men!…”

I realised that these men are the reason that the “nice guys” have such a hard time. Nice guys seated in the background aren’t as aggresive or out there as the “bad boys” that attract the attention. Looking closer at the bad boys, I see two groups of bad boys. There is the single uncommitted guy who is in no relationship and is not tied down. There is the guy who already has a girl or even a wife and he still masquerades as though he is not in a relationship.

With time I realised that as I wrote and talked with friends and strangers alike about their relationship dramas, I saw that those that have
The magic that holds your relationship together.chosen to keep looking for the magic with their partner are the few who stand for what is right. Still though the journey is not as easy as it looks as there’s heaps of them that are now a symbol of what is right and good, yet still temptation presents itself and they end up losing face. These relationships where the married/dating man/woman cheats have a very high risk of not coming back together. And we all know that this comes about when they look outside of their existing relationship for the missing 20% that the spouse does not have.

For those of you who have watched the movie Now You See Me, you know that the sheer size of the crowds in the last show shows you that magic, is best experienced by those that watch. The amount of work that the magician puts into their tricks is what the people don’t get. Years and years of practice brought their acts to a level where they could do their tricks easily almost with their eyes closed.

That being said, magic, referred to in the son is not easy to develop. It takes time and years to develop. It takes patience and consistency. There are times when you will get it wrong, but as you grow, giving your partner magic comes naturally.

NB: Photography by @SteveKitots

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