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The Lyin' Paul Ryan

Posted on the 20 February 2018 by Lowell
The Lyin' Paul Ryan
It has become commonplace to state that most Republicans are liars. Republicans in Congress, in our state houses, and in city and county governing bodies, lie as a matter of course. The end justifies the means is their meme, their motto, the basis of their lives.
And because their "end" almost always hurts our country and the great majority of the people in our country, we must conclude that their lies are essentially treasonous.
If you wonder why Congress hasn't gone after the corrupt swindler who currently occupies the Oval Office, it's because they are one, part of a global network of liars, tied into our archenemy, Russia, with the ultimate goal of solidifying their ham-fisted control of the United States political system to benefit themselves.
One of the worst liars is the Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan, or as he is better known, Lyin' Ryan. Ryan is a follower of Ayn Rand, who, in her books, taught that greed is a good thing, and the lack of morals or ethics, is essential for achieving one's goals.
Lyin' Ryan, believes Ayn Rand. He believes in Ayn Rand. That's why, in spite of all the evidence to the contrary, Ryan cries and lies that "entitlements" are the reason for our ballooning deficit. As if those of us receiving Social Security and utilizing Medicare did not pay into the system.  These so-called "entitlements" are not the reason for the deficit increase but rather the Trump budget is the gremlin as it cut taxes on the rich and thus drastically cut government income.
The deficit is going to increase exponentially, but the Republican liars don't care about that now that they are in charge.  If they can pay back the people who bribed them with money and promises, the deficit be damned! Some say that Republicans in Congress have sold their souls to maintain their power.  I'd say, "That's rich, because Republicans in Congress have no souls." They sold them long ago.
Lyin' Ryan needs to be called out for his reprehensible actions which are creating great pain and suffering for millions of Americans in order to give the rich a little more wealth.
The Lyin' Paul Ryan

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