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The Lows and Highs - the Ebbs and Tides - the Fall and Rise

By Kartix

The water during a high tide on a beach gushes in loudly and surprises me with how high it rises. It moves in slowly but reaches out far in and grasps as much sand and other substrate there is and drags it back. Then, there is a lull that lasts a brief moment. Apparently, it is possible to realize this lull, to even hear the silence, before the tide turns. Within a few seconds, the low tide begins and slowly the water recedes, till the next lull and the next high tide - an infinite cycle.

My mind works in the same way, in as far as I have known. I am unsure if others' minds work this way too; there is no way of knowing this. There is a period of a low-low and then slowly the rise begins. In this phase, I can usually accomplish a lot more things than I expect of myself. And for both these, I have triggers. Having lived with this cycle as long as I have been around, I have started documenting what the triggers are. For several years, I was grappling with the lows; calling them blues, depression, listlessness, lack of motivation, and other similar words. I am still grappling with them, but I am now very aware of the patterns. There are highs and lows and brief peaceful moments in between and there are triggers for the switch between the phases. As long as I am aware of this chaology, I can address, a few times avoid, and at other times even remain calm through a storm. In the chaos lies the peace within; and it is inevitable for me to embrace it.

The triggers must differ for others but a short run, a long walk, some time spent gardening definitely can tip my mood from a low to high or a good one to better. Writing, definitely helps as you possibly figure reading this! In any case, being aware of each of these phases and knowing that the tide will turn is immensely useful.

I look forward to writing more often on my blog this year; see you back here in a few!

The lows and highs - the ebbs and tides - the fall and rise

Rex takes me to the sea everyday.

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