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How the Kombucha Culture Diffused into My Life!

By Kartix

The month was March 2020 and it was late into the month. So late, the Prime Minister had announced a lockdown to arrest the spread of Coronavirus and bolstered this effort with plate-bangings in the evenings. Places were shut and groceries were a big issue here in Candolim, Goa. Beverages were out of the question. We store a dozen or two litres of Urak (Cashew alcohol, second distil) every year which we buy from a home in Revora, North Goa where they make a good brew. Last year's supply was over and this year's stock in Revora was consumed by the locals since booze shops were shut.

How the kombucha culture diffused into my life!The local big grocery store would open three hours in the morning and it would be super packed with people in those hours. Trolleys full of toilet papers and hand sanitizers. We, on the other hand had a specific list; a list that was topped by ingredients for dog food, since our dogs have never had a vegetarian meal in their life and have never had pedigree/processed dog food! While browsing through other ways of spicing up our own locked-down life, I came across a bottle of Borecha kombucha. The last I had of kombucha was last year in Bangalore once and before that was half a decade back in Virginia, USA. Bought a few bottles of kombucha and the drink felt very refreshing and somehow, healthy. I realised based on internet search that we could give it a go at home.
Brewed some tea and added the culture and lo and behold, there it was, the first batch, on 26th March 2020!How the kombucha culture diffused into my life!Since then, I've tried making mango kombucha, ginger kombucha, Zizyphus kombucha (which made the bottle explode!), mint kombucha and Darjeeling tea kombucha. They were all productive and tasty experiments! My two favorites are the Darjeeling tea one and the ginger kombucha.
I've been extremely lucky though in the times of lockdown. We could still visit the beach and have a drink of kombucha and not felt like we have not been in open places. The sea and mountains help keep up the mental health! How the kombucha culture diffused into my life!
Couple years later now, I am still brewing and have started selling small batches to cafes around. If you've had this drink, which my friend Mathew named Monteá, after a python that took one of our chickens in Candolim (which will be another story for another day). I hope you enjoyed the taste and this story.
PS: If you really like this drink, I suggest you make it at home, its really simple, as simple as making ice tea!

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