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The Long and Winding Road : ‘Watch Out!’

Posted on the 11 September 2014 by Scotcombs @3rdplanetmedia


Watch out!

‘Does it have a world clock?’  said the simple man looking at the Apple Watch. ‘Sure it can take your pulse, blood pressure and monitor your physical activity not to mention e-mail, video, calendar etc etc. But does it tell the time?’ he continued.

Clearly our ever expanding world has been shrunk fit to our wrist, now we are thoroughly spoilt for choice when it comes to devices to drive us into sleep deprivation. At least we can customise our ‘wrist art’ and convince ourselves we are just a little different from everyone else. The whole question of purpose comes to mind , is this innovation really necessary? Arguably it is not but that won’t stop anybody getting one, humans tend to want the next new thing as it normally symbolises ‘better things’

I wonder if someone will be walking down the street with their smartphone in one pocket whilst wearing their smartwatch when a call comes in to both devices simultaneously. There may be a distinct chance of an electrical arc being generated and the poor unfortunate soul being incinerated whilst they ‘went to voicemail’….. maybe not. Ridiculous as these musing are, we should consider why we do some of the things we do with technology without the counter-balance of face to face contact. I spoke with a client this morning who was bemoaning the fact that the young office staff had to have extra training on the phone because they did not know how to speak to people. Their lives have been so dominated by distant communication, emoticons and texting each other in the same room that they have never perfected the art of conversation. Whether the latest advance in smart watches will exacerbate the situation remains to be seen but I fear for the simple ability to ‘shoot the breeze’ as time goes on.

Apple , once again, are able generate a staggering emotional response to their products no matter when they launch them. Others are already in the market with smart watches but none entered with the pomp and razzmatazz of this week as two new phones and a watch took center stage.

Emotional connection is the key…

see you on the long and winding road……… Patrick

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